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Crafting a Cardboard DeLorean

During the summer, my son became obsessed with Back to the Future Part III, because he loved the train at the end. In fact, usually he would only watch the end of the movie just to see the steam engine.

But in the months since, we showed him the other Back to the Future movies as well. He learned who Michael J. Fox was. My husband and I are not the only children of the 1980s that expose our children to the things we loved. My 4 3/4year-old son M’s BFF is heavily into Ghostbusters.

I must admit, I was a little sad that my son was in love with a 30 year-old movie. He would never be able to see the toys in the stores, or it talked about or advertised on television. Memes would be rarely seen on Facebook.

My son expressed interest in being either Marty McFly or Gizmo from Gremlins for Halloween. I gently ushered his taste toward McFly.

We took a trip up north to Mackinac Island. The first moment we walked onto the street, he saw some horses hitched up to a carriage. M pointed out that it looked like in Back to the Future III when Doc and Marty hooked up the DeLorean to horses to try to get it up to 88mph.

“Oh, I guarantee you that you will not see a DeLorean anywhere on this island. I bet you a million dollars right now that we won’t find one.”

I owe my son a million dollars. Not only did one of the stores on Main Street have ReAction figures by Funko, but also a Funko Pop DeLorean collectable.

Soon after we learned of the impending “Back to the Future Day”, October 21, 2015. It is the day that Marty McFly arrived in the future in Back to the Future Part II. It is the date furthest in the future within the movie franchise. (Now everything in the movies takes place in the past 😦 ) Having already assembled M’s costume for Halloween, I sent him to preschool that day in the most comfy aspects of it. And Back to the Future was ALL OVER television and social media that day. (Are you getting the “never say never” vibe yet?)

Ahead of Halloween, we also wanted to go to a trick or treating event that our local zoo holds, called Pumpkin Path. While his Marty outfit is so McFly, I just couldn’t help but think it would benefit from a DeLorean.

Marty McFly & Jennifer. Anyone even know what her last name is in the movie???

Marty McFly & his girlfriend Jennifer. Anyone even know what her last name is in the movie???

Sometimes, I get these ideas in my had that bang around and won’t go away until I create them. Sometimes it is a mix tape, sometimes a book or a blog post. This time it was an idea to build a DeLeroan treat bucket. It is based off the first DeLorean that Einstein tests, and Marty goes back to 1955 in. Don’t tell me it is missing Mr. Fusion, cuz it ain’t that version!

I will show you the process below. I had no plan from the Internet and no sketches, just the vision in my head. I picked a box that I believed when altered, would be roughly the right shape and size. Incidentally, it started off as a 11″ x 9 1/2″ x 5″ Hot Wheel shipping box. I had to cut down the width, and reattach one of the sides.

Other materials needed:
silver duct tape
black duct tape
black Sharpie marker
silver Sharpie marker
brass fasteners (the longer the prongs, the better)
scrap cardboard
something round for the trunk area (I used a 2 3/4″ Rubbermaid food storage lid)

I duct taped most of the interior first to make it water-resistant, as it tends to rain or snow in our neighborhood on Halloween.

Cut off one side of box, refolded to desired shape.

Cut off one side of box, refolded to desired shape.

Interior taping, removed side about to be reattached.

Interior taping, removed side about to be reattached.

Attach wheels with brass fasteners before entirely taping it together. It is easier that way.

Attach wheels with brass fasteners before entirely taping it together. It is easier that way. Handle lays nearby.

Fully-taped font

Fully-taped front

Fully-taped back. Note the circle, which is actually a Rubbermaid lid.

Fully-taped back. Note the circle, which is actually a Rubbermaid lid.

Handle attached with brass fasteners.

Handle attached with brass fasteners.

Finished side. The tire rims really give it a finished, slick look.

Finished side. The tire rims really give it a finished, slick look.

Finished front. Don't forget the DMC logo!

Finished front. Don’t forget the DMC logo!

Finished rear. I found some details were easier to draw than make.

Finished rear. I found some details were easier to draw than make.

NOTE: My treat bucket is designed for maximum cuteness and a little bit of ruggedness. It will not hold a typical 90 minutes of T-or-T loot. We are planning on taking an additional bag to move the overflow into.

I wanted to post this ahead of Halloween so that people could reference this post for costume and/or DeLorean ideas.

Marty without his coats on.

Marty without his coats on.

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What I Learned This Week – 12/1/13

Big Tree at The Toledo Zoo

Big Tree at The Toledo Zoo

I learned this week that my son has natural ice-skating abilities.  Well, to be more specific, at least he was not afraid to try it.  My son M had his 3rd birthday this week.  To celebrate, we went to the Toledo Zoo to see their Lights Before Christmas.  I had not been in years.  My husband and son had never been.  And this year the zoo was featuring ice skating as well.  My son had never been ice skating before.  I, for one, was very excited to go.

My husband and I took our ice skates and we rented some for M for only $3.  M could both stand and walk around on his skates off of the ice.  On the ice, he was able to stand by himself without falling.  When it came to the actual skating, he didn’t quite have the hang of it.  My husband had to hold onto him as they skated around.  But my son wasn’t scared of it, as he was with Santa Claus and Tow Mater.  He even asked to go back out when we took a break.

So sweet!

So sweet!

I could have stayed there all day.  But, alas, it was dark and cold and we all got hungry.  Maybe we will make it back again yet this year.

When we were headed home and I went to put my son in the car, I had to get him into his car seat while wearing his winter coat and snow pants, plus a few layers underneath.  I said, “I have to squeeze you in your seat like a sausage.  You are a sausage boy.”

He replied, “I not a sausage boy.  I a cake boy.”

I had made him a semi-elaborate cake earlier in the day.  I found the comment very funny.  I will post more on his birthday cake in a later post.

I also learned that the awesome version of “Carol of the Bells” that the zoo was using for their synchronized lights was by an artist named Callann Lane (a.k.a. Cali).  It is awesome and sort of electronic sounding.  I have liked the version by the TransSiberian Orchestra called “Christmas Eve Sarajevo” for a number of years.  But this year, I am digging on this version.

What I Learned This Week – 6/2/13

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This week I learned that:

1.  Green Skittles are now green apple flavored, rather than lime.  Both are gross.

2.  It is supremely rude to type a phone number into your phone as I am on the phone giving it to you. IT IS LOUD on my end!

3.  I think I might need to eat a Mrs. Field’s cookie every day for my entire life.

4.  Eating Egg McMuffins at 12:15AM are not a good idea.  (Wait, I already knew that, but did it anyway…)

5.  Back to the Future is very unrealistic. There is no way they could know exactly what millisecond that lightning would strike.*

6.  That my dog may be more closely related to dingos than I at first thought.  See for yourself.

My Dog Dave

Dingos at the Toledo Zoo

*  The time travel, flux capicitor, and the DeLorean becoming one of the most iconic movie cars of the decade are totally possible and believable.

What I Learned This Week – 9/2/12

What I learned this week was that spending the whole day with my mother won’t kill me. But there was at least one time I could have strangled her, she frustrated me so.

We took my mom with us to the Toledo Zoo, along with my husband, myself, and my 21 month old son. I know that she didn’t look at is as “we were going to the zoo and she came along”, therefore she should accommadate us. She saw it as “we took her to the zoo” and the whole day should be about her. We had a few run ins, but we managed. The fact that it was probably the last 95 degree (That’s 35 in Celsius for my dear Canadian readers!) day of summer probably didn’t help. And that every week I take my mom grocery shopping, and I mostly let her run that show. But I felt like she needed to give and take a little with us at the zoo.

I learned she is not good at saving seats in a busy cafe. She also complained all day about how much it cost to rent a motorized scooter. (She may have a point. She was charged $35. According to the zoo website, she should have only been charged $25!)

All in all, we all survived. And I have lived to blog another day (that is, if Comcast can keep a signal at my house for more than 12hrs a day!).

CAUTION! Gratuitous tortoise sex below!

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