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What I Learned This Week – 9/2/12

What I learned this week was that spending the whole day with my mother won’t kill me. But there was at least one time I could have strangled her, she frustrated me so.

We took my mom with us to the Toledo Zoo, along with my husband, myself, and my 21 month old son. I know that she didn’t look at is as “we were going to the zoo and she came along”, therefore she should accommadate us. She saw it as “we took her to the zoo” and the whole day should be about her. We had a few run ins, but we managed. The fact that it was probably the last 95 degree (That’s 35 in Celsius for my dear Canadian readers!) day of summer probably didn’t help. And that every week I take my mom grocery shopping, and I mostly let her run that show. But I felt like she needed to give and take a little with us at the zoo.

I learned she is not good at saving seats in a busy cafe. She also complained all day about how much it cost to rent a motorized scooter. (She may have a point. She was charged $35. According to the zoo website, she should have only been charged $25!)

All in all, we all survived. And I have lived to blog another day (that is, if Comcast can keep a signal at my house for more than 12hrs a day!).

CAUTION! Gratuitous tortoise sex below!

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