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How I Came To Be A Vancouver Canucks Fan

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When I was in elementary school, the only thing that I halfway liked to play in gym class was scooter hockey.  We sat on these little square scooters with wheels (no handles) and played hockey.  It didn’t have a million confusing rules to remember like stupid softball or kickball.  (Three strikes you are out, but you get four balls?  Consistency PEOPLE!)  You just had to stay in bounds and remember to shoot at the goalie who wasn’t wearing the same color as you.  But, of course, I never actually took a shot anyway.  But it was fun.

Toledo Storm Promo (Note: My asbestos friend isn't in this pic.  She probably had something really important to do--like Algebra Class)

Toledo Storm Promo (Note: My asbestos friend isn’t in this pic. She probably had something really important to do–like Algebra Class)

I never thought about hockey again until high school.  My asbestos friend was taking modeling classes and became the spokesmodel for the Toledo Storm ECHL hockey team. Ya, I’m not quite sure how that happened.  The title of spokesmodel meant that she got to go on the ice between periods and wear a leotard/tuxedo thing (showing off her gams), and assist with the fan games.  I was pretty impressed by this.  Especially the three times I got to go with her and watch the game for free.  No one else at our high school was impressed by this.  They probably didn’t believe her.  Or were just jealous.  F’em.

My asbestos friend as the Toledo Storm Spokemodel, 1993-1994 Season

My asbestos friend as the Toledo Storm Spokemodel, 1993-1994 Season

Hence, a big crush on hockey players ensued.  I started listening to the Storm on the radio (hockey on the radio is a little boring *yawn*).  I also started watching the Detroit Red Wings play.  I got a Steve Yzerman poster for my room, because he was the cutest.


While I live in Michigan and the Red Wings are one of the best teams and it is logical for me to be their fan, it wasn’t always practical.  Many times the Red Wings would play on a cable channel that we did not get.  Or my mom would not want to watch hockey.  She apparently is still traumatized from having to listen to it when her dad watched Molson Hockey Night in Canada in 1959.  Ask her. Actually, you don’t have to.  She will tell the story anytime I mention liking hockey.

View from the penalty box: Henrik Zetterberg

View from the Penalty Box: Henrik Zetterberg

Now, I don’t like to watch hockey, just for the sake of watching it.  I like to have a team to root for and to know a few of the players’ names, at least.  I discovered that almost every Saturday night on CBC (a station out of Windsor, Canada), that they would show a Vancouver Canucks game.  They are in the Pacific Time zone, so the games would have a later start time.  This was perfect!  By then, my mother was already asleep on the couch.

I learned a few players’ names.  I have tried to catch a few games every year, so that I stayed knowledgeable.  I learned that the green guys in full-body morphsuits are crazy.

View from the Penalty Box: Osgood takes the ice

View from the Penalty Box: Osgood takes the ice

My only problem comes when Vancouver and Detroit play each other.  I don’t know who to root for.  I would love to go see them play each other sometime at Joe Louis Arena.  I would love to own a Canucks jersey.  Actually, I would love to have a Red Wings one as well.

You know what is the best thing about hockey?  The fights:)

Photo: WOW!  How cool would this be?

WOW! How cool would this be?

What I Learned This Week – 9/2/12

What I learned this week was that spending the whole day with my mother won’t kill me. But there was at least one time I could have strangled her, she frustrated me so.

We took my mom with us to the Toledo Zoo, along with my husband, myself, and my 21 month old son. I know that she didn’t look at is as “we were going to the zoo and she came along”, therefore she should accommadate us. She saw it as “we took her to the zoo” and the whole day should be about her. We had a few run ins, but we managed. The fact that it was probably the last 95 degree (That’s 35 in Celsius for my dear Canadian readers!) day of summer probably didn’t help. And that every week I take my mom grocery shopping, and I mostly let her run that show. But I felt like she needed to give and take a little with us at the zoo.

I learned she is not good at saving seats in a busy cafe. She also complained all day about how much it cost to rent a motorized scooter. (She may have a point. She was charged $35. According to the zoo website, she should have only been charged $25!)

All in all, we all survived. And I have lived to blog another day (that is, if Comcast can keep a signal at my house for more than 12hrs a day!).

CAUTION! Gratuitous tortoise sex below!

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