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What I Learned This Week – 6/2/13

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This week I learned that:

1.  Green Skittles are now green apple flavored, rather than lime.  Both are gross.

2.  It is supremely rude to type a phone number into your phone as I am on the phone giving it to you. IT IS LOUD on my end!

3.  I think I might need to eat a Mrs. Field’s cookie every day for my entire life.

4.  Eating Egg McMuffins at 12:15AM are not a good idea.  (Wait, I already knew that, but did it anyway…)

5.  Back to the Future is very unrealistic. There is no way they could know exactly what millisecond that lightning would strike.*

6.  That my dog may be more closely related to dingos than I at first thought.  See for yourself.

My Dog Dave

Dingos at the Toledo Zoo

*  The time travel, flux capicitor, and the DeLorean becoming one of the most iconic movie cars of the decade are totally possible and believable.

4 responses

  1. Back to the Future isn’t real? What next? Luke Skywalker doesn’t really exist?

  2. This made me laugh. It reminds me of my twin grandkids!

  3. Mrs. Fields cookies are delicious!

    The green Skittles thing really saddens me. I’m not a fan of lime, but I’d take that over green apple.

  4. Elizabeth in MI

    Hmmm. You could be on to something. Does that mean that Joe is a dingo too? Dave is definitely the Alpha!

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