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What I Learned This Week – 12/1/13

Big Tree at The Toledo Zoo

Big Tree at The Toledo Zoo

I learned this week that my son has natural ice-skating abilities.  Well, to be more specific, at least he was not afraid to try it.  My son M had his 3rd birthday this week.  To celebrate, we went to the Toledo Zoo to see their Lights Before Christmas.  I had not been in years.  My husband and son had never been.  And this year the zoo was featuring ice skating as well.  My son had never been ice skating before.  I, for one, was very excited to go.

My husband and I took our ice skates and we rented some for M for only $3.  M could both stand and walk around on his skates off of the ice.  On the ice, he was able to stand by himself without falling.  When it came to the actual skating, he didn’t quite have the hang of it.  My husband had to hold onto him as they skated around.  But my son wasn’t scared of it, as he was with Santa Claus and Tow Mater.  He even asked to go back out when we took a break.

So sweet!

So sweet!

I could have stayed there all day.  But, alas, it was dark and cold and we all got hungry.  Maybe we will make it back again yet this year.

When we were headed home and I went to put my son in the car, I had to get him into his car seat while wearing his winter coat and snow pants, plus a few layers underneath.  I said, “I have to squeeze you in your seat like a sausage.  You are a sausage boy.”

He replied, “I not a sausage boy.  I a cake boy.”

I had made him a semi-elaborate cake earlier in the day.  I found the comment very funny.  I will post more on his birthday cake in a later post.

I also learned that the awesome version of “Carol of the Bells” that the zoo was using for their synchronized lights was by an artist named Callann Lane (a.k.a. Cali).  It is awesome and sort of electronic sounding.  I have liked the version by the TransSiberian Orchestra called “Christmas Eve Sarajevo” for a number of years.  But this year, I am digging on this version.

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  1. That’s one of my favorite Christmas carols. Good choice. (And that is a huge friggin’ tree!)

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