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HALLOWEEN 2017: DIY Unicorn & The Terminator

This year for Halloween I really wanted to be Harley Quinn. (I did last year, too). But, I didn’t want to spend the money on the costume and I did not want to freeze during Trick or Treating. So, I ended up being a unicorn. Which, by the way, cost about half what the Harley Quinn costume would have cost me and I still froze during Trick or Treat, although not as badly.

To make the unicorn, I relied on this YouTube video:
And also this website:
And the rest I made up as I went along.

First get a hoodie to decorate in the desired color. At first I considered a bright pink one from Hobby Hobby that was zipperless. But I had already fallen in love with the grey hoodie on the makeit-loveit website. Plus, zipperless hoodies tend to pull on my neck and annoy me. I figured the added weight of the mane and the horn would only make that worse. I bought my plain grey hoodie in the men’s department at Walmart. I recommend a hoodie with drawstrings so you can tighten them if you need to. I actually tied scrap strips of fleece to my drawstrings. I could tighten the drawstrings and slide up the fleece to hold it in place, holding them without having to tie a silly bow.

Then I gathered different colored scraps of fleece from my own collected and the scrap bin at JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby. I only needed a little, so they were relatively inexpensive. I found the silver material for the horn there too.

Mane sewed on, but not yet cut into strands

My horn is maybe 7 inches tall here. I wrapped it with gold ribbon. A gold horn with silver ribbon would work just as well. The way I made my ears, they didn’t stand up so well, so feel free to improve on the design.

The full horn and ears.

Once I got the horn sewed on, I realized it was just way too long. I removed it, cut off about 2 inches, and sewed it back on again. If you want to be able to wear your horn in the car, you could take off even more.

I was feeling horny! This is the too long horn.

I had cut off the leading (trailing?) edge of the fleece. I was just going to discard it, but it turned out they made for a great tail. I attached it with a large safety pin. I layered more fleece on the inside so that the pin wouldn’t rip the jacket if it got pulled on on accident.

Finished mane and tail

Here is a picture of my finished costume. Please realize that I am not that fat. Well, not quite. I had on five layers, including a raincoat as a windbreaker which was a total lifesaver that night.

My son went as the Terminator. All he needed was the right sunglasses, a $3 thrift store leather jacket, and a $1 gun from a yard sale. He wanted me to be Sarah Conner. But that would just be the same costume as when I was Jennifer to his Marty McFly–my old 80s clothes. And no one would know who I was. For more on the Marty McFly costume, click here:

Finished costumes

Have fun making your own unicorn costume!

For more on how The Terminator is actually a love story, click here:

Your past shapes you. It can’t be undone.


Official/original/one & only “I’m not stalking you.” messenger bag.

I found this messenger bag in my dresser drawer the other day. I made it before I had a website. Back when I thought that “I’m not stalking you.” was just a great catch phrase. Or would be a potentially awesome way to brand a clothing line.

The messenger bag in action.

To refresh your memory, here are some other hip looks.

The “I’m not stalking you.” hoodie.

The “I’m not stalking you.” hoodie.

The “I’m not stalking you.” T-shirt.

The “I’m not stalking you.” T-shirt.

The toddler “I’m not stalking you.” T-shirt.

The toddler “I’m not stalking you.” T-shirt.

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I Want a Jeep

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My dream car

In my youth, I used to see Jeeps in the TV shows I watched, such as Mork & Mindy and the Dukes of Hazzard. The first real life Jeep I fell in love with was one that was always parked outside the local bowling alley. I assume it probably belonged to the owner. I believe it was a brown Jeep C-J. I used to walk by it to get to the grocery store all the time. I always thought “when I grow up, I am going to have one of those”. Apparently, I am not yet grown up. *sigh*

Hot Wheels Jeep C-Js

I have two Hot Wheels Jeeps I have had since I was a kid. One I got from McDonald’s in a Happy Meal. (Mmm…McDonald’s.) The other I got from sending in UPCs from Frosted Flakes. The brown one is almost the same as the one that used to sit outside the bowling alley.

Jeep license plate

I have a Jeep hoodie I bought several years ago. But it is too big, so I hardly ever wear it. I also have a pink Jeep license plate I bought to put on my Jeep. That I do not have yet.

Jeep Stroller

As you may have guessed by now, my baby has a Jeep brand stroller. The cute one with the little steering wheel on it. It was the first purchase my husband and I made for our upcoming arrival. We bought it very early on too. What is it they always say about the about the first trimester being the one most likely for things to go wrong? As soon as I was beyond that window of time, I bought a Jeep, baby. A Jeep baby stroller. Correct. (I love my stroller. It is about three inches too wide sometimes, but we manage.)

I rode in a Jeep once. It belonged to my cousin. I was in the backseat. I was too young to really remember much about the ride. My husband always wants me to test drive one. But I always decline. If I test drove a Jeep and I didn’t like the ride, I would be heartbroken. If I test drove a Jeep and loved it, I would be in misery because we do not currently have the funds to buy one. So, a test drive is a lose, lose proposition right now.

Me & my Aztek when it was brand new, before all the miles and hail damage. I have cool black and highlighted hair in this pic.

Last time I bought a car (in fall of 2003), I wanted a new car because I had never had one before. I really wanted a Pontiac Aztek. I figured the car I would actually get and could better afford was a Pontiac Sunfire. A Jeep, due to price, was totally out of the picture. My husband talked me into the Aztek, and I am glad he did. The Aztek is an awesome car with oodles of space inside. (I am trying for 200,000 miles in mine. So far, I am over 194,000.) I am also glad my husband made me buy an Aztek because that is the last year Pontiac made them:(

“Tell me more about your dream car,” you say? I want a red Jeep Wrangler hard-top 2 door with automatic transmission, 4X4, fog lights, and an mp3 plug-in. I know a four door would be more practical. But not on my bank account. And it destroys the classic Jeep look I have found so darn appealing for so many years. I plan to drive it forever. And when the red paint starts to peel or not, I will have it custom painted in pink camouflage. How sweet would that be? Then it would totally match my Jeep license plate.

The one downside to owning a Jeep will be my husband. He likes to take things apart. Everything. So, I know there will come a day when I am like “Honey, it is raining outside. I need to go somewhere. I really need you to put the doors back on my car for me.” But I will smile when that day comes. Because that will mean that I finally have my Jeep I have always dreamed of.

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You Give Hoodies A Bad Name

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World English Dictionary
hoodie (ˈhʊdɪ)
— n
1. a hooded sweatshirt
2. a young person who wears a hooded sweatshirt, regarded by some as a potential hooligan

Hoodies have been in the news a lot lately. This post has really nothing to do with any of that.

When I was little, I had a blue zippered sweatshirt jacket I loved. You know the type, with two pockets and a drawstring for the hood. Many pictures exist with me wearing it. After the blue jacket, I believe I owned a red one. Then a grey one. Then a yellow one. For several years, I didn’t have a sweatshirt jacket, as they were referred to around my house. I don’t even think I realized they made them in adult sizes. Plus, at that time, jean jackets were all that was cool to wear.

Then when I was in high school, I found a red sweatshirt jacket adult-sized at my local Meijer store. I bought it and wore it all the time. It was just like the one I had as a kid, with the drawstring hood, zipper, and two pockets. When I was in college, I had no winter coat. I didn’t have the time or money to get one. But mostly, I probably just thought they were bulky and uncool. So I always layered my denim jacket over my red jacket when it was cold. Yeah, I was cool.

On Saturday Night Live, Adam Sandler sang a song called “Red Hooded Sweatshirt”. I totally felt he was singing about MY red hooded sweatshirt. I loved that song, although it never became as popular as say “Lunch Lady Land” or “The Chanukah Song”. The highlight of the SNL performance is the reaction by Adam Sandler to Sir Paul McCartney’s cameo.

I only had that one hooded sweatshirt for many years. After all, you only need one, right? Then I started a new job and met a crazy girl with green hair. (Of course she was crazy, she became friends with me, right?) She had a hooded sweatshirt for every day of the week, and then some. That is the first time I ever heard anyone use the term “hoodie”. I had to admit, it was kind of catchy. And I totally blame the green-haired girl for badly influencing me to increase my hoodie collection exponentially. I should probably also blame my employer at the time for keeping the building so cold that people had to run heaters under their desks to keep warm. And for a casual dress code.

The purchase of my favorite hoodie was the result of bad planning. My mom, soon-to-be-husband, and I went to Put-in-Bay, Ohio for the day. As it was summer, I didn’t take a jacket, completely forgetting that land surrounded by water (a.k.a. islands) are cooler than the mainland. So I found a totally overpriced hoodie in a souvenir shop and bought it. I thought I would wear it that day and never again. But, I have found, that sometimes impulse purchases are the best ones. (Or the worst ones, but I digress…) It is a beautiful sort of dark rose color. It has two snaps at the neck, which thank God, have never triggered my nickel allergy. It is just the right amount of too big for maximum comfort. It has a pouch on it, rather than two individual pockets. Brand new, the inside was super fleecy and warm and fuzzy. My green-haired friend (before she went on Paxil) coined a great term called “cocooning”. It is when you don’t really want to be at work or around anyone and anxiety is eating at you and you just want to hide in a cocoon away from the world. My Put-in-Bay hoodie was perfect for that. Nine years later, it is no longer as fuzzy. And the elastic cuffs on the sleeves started to rot off, so I had to cut them off. But it is still one of my favorites. And I am wearing it right now as I type.

Following Put-in-Bay, one of my favorite hoodies is my black “Spotted Cow” jacket. It was also super fuzzy when I bought it. Not so much anymore. When I wear it, everyone asks me if I work at the Spotted Cow (Uh, no. Duh. Why would they assume that? I just want to stay warm!). And then there was the time I told my friends it would be funny to have a shirt that said “I’m not stalking you.” Because, you know, that is just what someone who is stalking you would say. So I ordered myself a hoodie with that saying on it for my birthday.

I must admit for a while my hoodie addiction was out of control. And I have to control it every day. You never get over hoodie addiction. It is a disease you have to deal with one step at a time. By my estimate, I currently own about 16 hoodies, including one for bedtime. My favorites get worn more than the ones that are not. I must admit, during the summer I miss slipping into a comfy old hoodie. I even had a maternity hoodie when I was pregnant. It was blue. Very similar to the color of my first hoodie I can remember.

I still wear my red hooded sweatshirt, even though it must be around 20 years old now. (Damn, is that right? Time for a new wardrobe.) I know they make me look casual and sloppy and sometimes homeless, but I don’t care. Comfort shall reign supreme in my clothing kingdom. Eat that, What Not To Wear. And if someone shot me just because I was wearing a hoodie, I believe I would die happy:)

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