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What I Learned This Week – 10/6/13

What I learned this week is that my little blog that I started on a whim has reached something I imagined, but was not sure would ever happen.  My little blog of randomness that spills forth from my brain that has reignited my love of writing has hit,



Actually, as of me writing this, it has reached 25,097 all-time views!

Now, I realize that this is peanuts compared to some other blogs.   But considering I have not done anything big to specifically increase my followers up to this point (My blog does have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Twubs pages, but I have never blog-hopped…yet) except for trying to post regularly, I am pretty happy about that number.

Thank you everyone who reads every new post I write, and also all the people who just happen to Google “Homefront”, “Barret Oliver”, or “boxelder bugs” and end up here.


Here is to 25,000 more!

“Holy Crap! This Is My 200th Post!” post

Posted on


I didn’t think I had this much to say!

Hey Stalker!  Clean the dirty window while you are out there, would ya?

Hey Stalker! Clean the dirty window while you are out there, would ya?

I can’t believe I have written 200 posts in less than 2 years. I started this blog with just a random post with a survey about driving pet peeves. I had a vague notion that I would write a post about dead dad movies, Punky Brewster, and my two dogs.

From that, this blog has grown! An average of 35 people view MY WORDS every single day! Most of those people find from Google searches. Most of those Google searches are about The O.C., Homefront, and boxelder bugs😛 While I would love it if my viewership for each new blog post was that huge, I am incredibly thankful for my small but wonderful band of loyal readers. (You know who you are! Thank you!)

I have very lofty goals this year, which relate to writing. While I won’t list them here, those who are close enough to me to hold me accountable know what those goals are. And I don’t think I would be able to even attempt them if it wasn’t for the practice and confidence I have gained from these 200 posts.

Here is to 200 more!

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