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What I Learned This Week – 1/13/2013

This week I learned that once again, Garth Brooks was on to something when he saying about “Thank God for unanswered prayers.”

Barret Oliver was a kid actor who starred in some of the best movies of the 1980’s (the best movies I watched, anyway). He starred in NeverEnding Story, D.A.R.Y.L, and Cocoon. He guest starred on television on such hits as The Incredible Hulk, Knight Rider, and Highway to Heaven.

Some of the last movies he acted in in the late 80’s were Hallmark Hall of Fame’s The Secret Garden and Cocoon II. He was turning into a cute teenager. As a girl, he was one of the 200 possible celebrities I thought I could grow up and marry someday. I had his picture on the wall in my bedroom.

With a little free time on my hands this week, I searched the Internet until I found a current picture of him.

“He is only 3 years older than I. How different could he look?”

The answer put a damper on my whole day.

According to Wikipedia, after leaving acting he joined the Church of Scientology. He is now a photographer specializing in old processes. He even published a book called “A History of the Woodburytype”.

I hope he is happy with his career. I sure enjoyed watching him as a child actor. I just didn’t realize that he hated his 80’s typical boy haircut so much as to grow dreadlocks as an adult. I wonder if he grew the beard to stop being recognized years ago and now just keeps it.

Here is a link to a video about his photography on The Huntington Library’s website. (has artist commentary available) (no artist commentary)

I encourage you to turn on the artist commentary. There is no doubt that is the adult voice of the child I watched so many times on my television. Hurry, because this exhibition is almost over and they might remove this video.

Well, I’m off to watch The NeverEnding Story now. Still trying to figure out the name Bastian yells out the window into the rain. (Closed Captioning is no help.)

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  1. Elizabeth in MI

    Your hubby is WAY hotter than him! 🙂
    BTW – I nominated you for an award ’cause you are a rock star and I love you!

  2. Hi, I have seen this movie ever since when I was a kid ! I am still watching til today and have it on blu ray. As you mention that you wanted to know what Bastian yells out the window in the rain at the end? it’s ” moon child ” that is what he give the Empress a new name. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Matt for the comment and the info. The movie has always lead me to believe that the name Bastian shouts at the end was his mother’s. I don’t see Bastian’s uptight dad marrying someone named “Moonchild”. But as I poke around on the internet, I see that “Moonchild” comes from the book. So it seems the movie writers are the ones trying to confuse me;)

  3. You are welcome funnygurl2 🙂 I noticed you said in the post ” closed captioning is no help ” are you deaf or hard-of-hearing ? I am hard-of-hearing and I have closed caption on my TV.

    • By “Closed Captioning is no help”, I meant that in the movie, they don’t type “Moonchild” in the closed captioning. It only says “[yelling]” during that part. I don’t have a problem with my hearing, but I do use closed captioning a lot when my son is napping and I want to watch TV, but not wake him.

  4. Aw man! I wanted to be the one to tell you it was Moon Child. It doesn’t sound as nice in the movie as it did the book (which is an awesome read, btw) Great blog post and made for a great laugh!

  5. Some additional footage of Mr Oliver, and an explanation of his artistic approach, can be viewed on the Huntington Library’s Youtube channel:

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  8. Really made me smile 😃
    I met Barret , and his brother Kyle , when they were filming The secret Garden, in England, I would love to see or hear from them , I can’t believe that is him in the picture with the dreads ? Are you sure it’s him ?? Do you know what happened to his brother?? I’m very interested to know??

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