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HOMEFRONT: The Greatest TV Show Ever

Homefront is the greatest show ever. It had quality writing and acting. It won a 1992 People’s Choice Award for Favorite New Dramatic Series and a 1993 Writers Guild of America Award for Original Long Form. Do you recognize the names Kyle Chandler and John Slattery? Chandler won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2011 for Friday Night Lights. Slattery has been nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for Mad Men for four years straight. If you ever watched Homefront, you would know that these talented men deserved those awards back in 1992.

Homefront was a drama that ran on ABC from 1991-1993. It centered on the lives of the rich Sloan family, the working class Metcalf family, and the black Davis family in fictional River Run, Ohio in 1945. The pilot episode featured family members returning home after WWII, some in better condition than others. The show was about WWII, unionization, civil rights, baseball, women’s rights, polio, religion, the holocaust, life, death, and relationships. I was only fifteen when I stumbled across the pilot episode, but I knew this was great television. (And that Kyle Chandler was freaking hot!) No one else I knew watched this show. Which is a shame, and probably why the series had an untimely demise.

Homefront’s beauty was in how the acting, writing, and authentic hairstyles/sets/costumes/cars all melted together to make you feel like you were using a time machine to peak into someone’s window. I liked it when they would have each of the families having the same argument at the same time, all intercut together. It showed we all have beauty and prejudices in us. And that we are all not as different inside as our skin or wallets might show us to be.

Jeff (Kyle Chandler) and Ginger (Tammy Lauren) were my favorite characters on the series. I loved watching them bicker. They got together out of loneliness at Jeff’s brother’s wedding, both having to see the people they loved with someone else. They dated, became engaged, broke up, and got back together during the two seasons of the series. The series finale featured their wedding.

I think part of why Homefront went off the air was because ABC didn’t market it correctly. I am sure some people were scared off by the fact it took place in the 1940’s. ABC needed to push the fact that it was a soap opera with themes that transcended what decade they were taking place in. And they should have played up all the attractive men and women in the cast. ABC did do one thing right. They told the creators that the show would be cancelled enough in advance that they could create a satisfying ending.

This is a postcard postmarked March 2, 1993 that I received from ABC in response to a letter I had sent. The series finale aired April 26, 1993.

If Homefront came on today, I think it could have had three or four seasons at least. Homefront had a small but rabid fan base. The kind of fan base today that can create a big stink and following on the Internet. But in 1993, most people either hadn’t heard of the Internet or didn’t know how to use it. I wouldn’t use it for another year. The sad truth is that Homefront has never been available on VHS/DVD/streaming. I have written many a letter over the years trying to rectify this injustice to no avail (availability, that is). To get a taste of Homefront yourself, you will have to hunt down various clips on YouTube.

Think of the success Mad Men is having now. Others have tried to duplicate it’s vibe of a time in the past, such as Pan-Am and Playboy Club. They both failed. Homefront was the original.

It was a show before it’s time.

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  1. I loved this show so much that I was in tears after watching the last episode. If only SOMEONE would put the entire show on DVD. What are they waiting for?

  2. Just found this link to add, although I believe I remember when they mentioned this in the magazine as well. This just echoes all the statements already made here. But always worth repeating when it comes to Homefront.

    I just found out that Homefront will also calm a hysterical baby. Put that on the box and see how many sell!

    In Response</a

  3. I loved this show also. I have been disappointed for 20 years that it has never been released on VHS and now DVD. How can so much crap stay on TV for years and this great show was canceled after 3 seasons?

  4. I was lucky enough to see it rebroadcast briefly on the American TV Network about 10 years ago. When it did, I made sure to record EVERY episode and burn it to DVD. I’m enjoying it now as I my baby naps and I do housework!

    Quality programs seem to go. Crap seems to stay. They need to get this on DVD and get cast interviews, etc.

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  7. I thought I was the only one who watched it, loved it, and STILL miss it. Thanks for putting it into words 😉

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  9. Absolutely loved the show. It was the years my parents were young so the timing fascinated me as they both died relatively young. I never understood why it was cancelled. Quality tv in the states does not exist anymore.

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  11. Someone put the entire show on YouTube – both Seasons 1 & 2…never had a season 3 😦

    Subscribe to MoonTigress07 to watch them all!!!

    Here is the first link:

    Enjoy!!! I do every night! 🙂

  12. I ignored this show when it first aired between 1991 and 1993. But when TV Land aired it during the summer of 2000, I watched it. And fell in love with it. Why isn’t it on DVD by now?

  13. love this show! it aired on Australian late night TV in 1995, when I was 13 years old. I used to stay up to watch it. Jeff and Ginger are my all time OTP!

  14. I have soldiered through difficult health for 25 years.This program has been an inspiration for on days when I couldn’t walk.I admired the manner in which all the characters dealt with tragedy and the struggles they faced.Too bad that there were never enough episodes to create a reunion show!

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  17. chris swingen

    Been waiting for years to buy this on DVD. My daughter was in high school when this came on. It was the only show on tv that she would stop everything for to sit and watch with her mama. Would love to see it again.

  18. I’ve uploaded full episodes to YouTube. Hope you enjoy! At this point, I’m convinced it will never be issued on DVD.

    • Thank you so much for adding episodes. It is the only way people who hear about the show now can check it out. I really think the binge watching environment we live in today would be a perfect way for new people to get hooked on Homefront.

      You make me very sad when you say it will never be put on an official DVD. I mean, you are probably right, but it still makes me sad…:(

    • It’s been a few years ago, so has anyone found any working uploads of season 2? All of these previously mentioned have been removed… can’t believe I just binged through season one only to not find season 2 anywhere!

    • I’m working on a solution. It’s coming shortly, I promise.

  19. I agree that this show was brilliant (but also will never be released on DVD). Like others here, I lament that it was cancelled — but in retrospect I wonder how it ever got on air in the first place. I remember coming home one day, turning on the TV, and seeing a sit-down strike! I couldn’t believe my eyes; I thought, how on earth did that get on TV? I I watched as much as I could after that. But no one I know ever saw it or even heard of it. Now, more than 20 years later, I’m a historian (I teach 20th-century U.S. history, and I’m stunned at how fully the show captures the richness of America’s social fabric in the early postwar period — gender roles, race discrimination, union organizing, the Red Scare, baseball, advertising, Hollywood, television, polio, religious differences, and on and on. It wasn’t politically neutral either; it dealt with controversial issues and took explicitly progressive positions. We just do not have TV like that anymore. I definitely plan to show clips in my classes at various points.

    • Thank you for summing up what was great about the show in one comment! I was lucky enough to happen across the pilot episode. I was a constant TV watcher at the time, yet had not seen a single ad to promote or announce this show. It came on, and I wondered if it was a movie of the week or something, as it was sooo different from everything else on TV at that time. I was 14 then, and I learned way more from watching Homefront than I ever did in history class. And what I learned about the experiences of the Metcalf, Sloan, and Davis families has stayed with me all these years, unlike dry text in a book. I think your students would be very lucky to see clips of Homefront to illustrate your lessons.

  20. I’m another fan – and at the time Homefront debuted I was a newlywed recently moved to Cincinatti, Ohio. I wrote a letter to the Cincinnati Enquirer’s TV editor, John Kieswietter (not sure I spelled his name correctly) about Homefront and its meticulous attention to period detail. He printed my letter and flew to Hollywood and did a story about it. I’ve been watching it on You Tube but will never give up hope some day they’ll put it on DVD. Can you imagine it in HD? Would be so fabulous.

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  22. Actually, I rather liked “PAN AM” and regret that it had been cancelled. And although I am a regular viewer of “MAD MEN”, I still believe that “HOMEFRONT” stood above it all. It’s probably the best period television drama I have ever seen. And one of the best TV series I have seen.

  23. I’ve been watching this on youtube, but it’s just been taken off youtube. Argh!!!!!! Any ideas of where else to watch it? I never watched it before and I just started the second season…

    • Yeah, it was my account. Warner Brothers slapped copyright takedown notices on a whole batch of them at the same time. So I got 1, 2, 3 strikes in a span of two minutes. Once you get 3, your youtube account is permanently terminated. I’m so pissed because how could I possibly react in less than 2 minutes? Besides which, they obviously will never put the show on DVD and yet are gonna have a fit over my grainy, VHS quality youtube copies? ARGH!!!

      • Lynette, thank you for putting homefront on YouTube! I’m so sorry your account was shut down. I’d like to know more about why it hasn’t been released on DVD.

      • Thank you so much Lynette for making the episodes available, while it lasted. You have done a great service to existing Homefront fans, and those who have now discovered the show. More people have now been exposed to all the great writing, costumes, performances, and history of the under-appreciated series. Because of you, Warner might actually sell a few more copies of the DVD set. That is, if they would ever actually release it!

      • Any way you could put it up on another site? I watched the series when it originally aired but my VCR failed to record the last hour of the series finale so I never saw the ending. When I found your YouTube copies I started from the beginning cause it had been so long, but only got through the first half or so of season one before they pulled it down. This was probably my favorite show of all time and I would really like to see the rest of it

      • Yes I was going to look into OneDrive. Just haven’t had a chance. I’m traveling next week but will try to set something like that up in March.

      • Oh that would be lovely!! Please keep me posted…Thanks!! 🙂

      • That would be amazing, thank you!!

  24. I watched this series years ago when it first aired and loved it! Just last month I discovered Lynette’s you tube posting and tried to binge watch. I got through episode 3 of Season 2 and then it was taken down. Someone please remind me how it ended! Did Gina and Charlie ever get together? Did Robert survive his new French bride? Did the Sloanes ever figure out what really mattered? Did Linda ever find love? Did Mrs. Metcalf have her baby? Did Robert’s parents leave the Sloanes?

  25. I loved this show!!! I watched every episode and was sorry to see it go…figures!!

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  27. I loved this show so much when it came out. Kyle Chandler is amazing and he was also wonderful in “Friday Night Lights.” I keep checking occasionally to see if it has been released on DVD. There was an article in Entertainment Weekly last week that highlighted Chandler and his previous work, including “Homefront.” Maybe enough people will be clamoring for it for them to finally release it? (fingers crossed but not overly hopeful)

    • I squealed with delight when I saw that Kyle Chandler had a whole article in Entertainment Weekly AND that they mentioned Homefront. Even better, another of my favorite dearly departed shows, Wonderfalls, was mentioned in the same issue.

  28. Uploaded episode one to OneDrive. Let me know if it works for you.

    • Worked great for me!! Would love to know when you get the rest up. I think I left off at season one episode 14 or so when it was taken down.

    • Worked for me – Thank you!

      • Worked for me, too, thank you! I’ll wait and see if you can put the other seasons up. Otherwise, I think I will buy it from Cari’s dvdrshoppe site. So excited I can keep watching this wonderful show… maybe a summer treat!! 🙂

    • Worked for me, too, thank you! I’ll wait and see if you can put the other seasons up. Otherwise, I think I will buy it from Cari’s dvdrshoppe site. So excited I can keep watching this wonderful show… maybe a summer treat!! 🙂

      • Thank you so much! I too found the series on YouTube and was enjoying watching it. Got three quarters through season two before they got taken down.

        Just wanted to say I am sorry that happened and to say thank you so much for posting these shows. It’s awesome!

      • It isn’t currently available on the dvdshoppe site. 😦 I would love to be informed if anyone finds it anywhere. I had watched it on your youtube site as well.

    • Hi! I just watched the first episode but couldn’t find episodes 2-12… can you post them? Thank you!

    • Hi! Can you upload episodes 2-12 as well? I just watched episode 1 and can’t wait to see the rest… Thanks

    • Can you please upload episodes 2-12, too? Thanks!

    • Please please pretty please upload any other episodes you have,i have been bawliong my eyes out watching episode 1

    • Thank you for your effort of uploading episode one. Is there by any chance u could upload season 2 as well. Much appreciated!

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  30. I just bought Homefront on dvd from!! Just thought I would let you all know. I have watched two episodes so far, and I am in heaven! Never thought I would see the day. So far the quality to me is very good. The dvd’s were made from vhs tapes recorded from when the series was originally on. The seller said the quality was 7.5 out of 10. After watching 2 episodes I would say it’s a 9. I have seen two small lines of static go across the screen–but like I said I have only watched two as far. No big deal, I barely noticed it ofcourse! I was so transfixed on the show. With tax it was $43. 🙂

    • I keep checking the dvdrshoppe site. It keeps saying they are closed until fall. Can’t wait. Are there any more episodes on 1drive? That just whetted my appetite. Thanks for all your efforts.

      • The dvdrshoppe is closed until fall? I didn’t see that message when I went to the page. If you can find a phone number, I would call them. It’s definitely fall now. I haven’t watched any on 1drive. Hope you get your dvd’s soon! I had never been so excited about getting a package in my life!! I tracked it everyday, lol

    • Does anyone know if the dvdrshoppe is just gone completely since website has disappeared ?

    • When I bought this on DVD it was an official recording no lines etc. Top quality. It was authentic but it was about ten years ago so I can’t remember where I bought it from. But I do know it’s available because I have the whole set.

  31. Now the dvdrshoppe is closed until January 2016. Did we ever find Homefront someplace else online? I loved that show. *sigh*

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  33. I loved this series and continue to look for it on DVD or streaming.

  34. I don’t know if anyone is still following this thread or not and I haven’t read all of the comments so someone else may have said this already. I don’t know what you’re complaining about because Home Front is on DVD. I have had the whole series for about ten years. I loved this show too and was sorry it went off the air. The minute I saw it for sale on DVD I bought the set. But that was a long time ago.

  35. I too loved that show. I know your post is an old one but i woke up this morning thinking about something else with the word homefront coming to mind and then i remembered that show and how much i loved it. I even wrote a letter to abc telling them how sad i was it was cancelled. I am disappointed to hear that there is no dvds of this to be able to watch again. And you are do right about Kyle Chandler!!!

  36. I was 28 years old and just found out we were expecting our first child. My husband’s youngest brother and his new wife were living with us and attending UNLV. My sister-in-law and I would cozy up on our couch and watch every single episode. We LOVED this show and I was so sad when it was canceled. I’m now 55 years old ad I still think of this show and hope to someday see every episode all over again.

  37. The best way to see this show be on DVD now (5-18-2019 as I write this) is to contact Warner Bros. at the Facebook page of Warner Archive ( and request for it to be on DVD; you can also put in a request at

  38. I loved Homefront. So much so that it has never left me, and I sought it out in 2020. Hope I can find it again. Was heartbroken when it was cancelled. What were they thinking?

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