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On Tuesday I promised you a fabulous surprise this week.

As you know if you have hung around here any amount of time, I usually always release an excerpt or two of my latest book around it’s publication date. In case you didn’t know–


I decided to change things up this time, as this is my FIFTH book release and all.

I created a video of me READING it to you.

Remember, even though I studied radio, I am a better writer than a reader.

If you can’t wait until Tuesday, you can pre-order the eBook right now at the rock bottom price of only $.99. Click here!

Check out the video below…


Your past shapes you. It can’t be undone.
Available for $.99 Pre-Order

Angry Macey 99¢ PreOrder

Angry Macey by Jennifer Friess

I am so happy to announce that Angry Macey is NOW AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER in ebook on And even better, for a limited time she is only 99¢! So you should definitely head on over and click that buy button. Support your local starving author 😀

Paperback copies will be available on Tuesday, October 24, 2017, the official release date.

People who subscribe to my newsletter were the first to know this info. Want to sign up? Click here:

Please help me celebrate this fantastic novel. Read on to find out what Angry Macey is all about.


Everyone feels like they are guided at some point in their lives. But what if you were guided to do something terrible? What if you were too blinded by anger to even care about the carnage you were about to inflict?

Meet Macey.

Mid-life crisis. Mental breakdown. Payback. Revenge.

I was the woman who did everything right. I had always followed my head rather than my heart. And where had it gotten me? Unemployed, depressed, and soon-to-be homeless. I couldn’t help but try to find the source of where it had all gone wrong. With my twentieth high school reunion coming up, it wasn’t hard to imagine the time period of my life that my thoughts returned to. I want them to pay. There are only two people who could possibly stop me, and one of them died yesterday. The other will probably not even remember my name…

What I Learned This Week – 9/14/14

The weather has turned cold this week in Michigan.

As usual, we have gone straight from summer to winter. Mother Nature skipped all altogether.

This had me thinking of Hawaii. I have never been, but have always wanted to.

In an alternate universe somewhere, instead of meeting and dating my future husband, after college I moved to a little shack in Hawaii. I lived cheap and rode a bicycle.

I didn’t even know if such shacks actually existed there. The other night, on a whim, I searched for Hawaii real estate. The first property I found was only $19,000. And pink!

Hawaii shack

Hawaii shack

I know, very rustic. Definitely not suitable for a husband, wife, toddler, and a lab mix. But, when I was 22, I could have managed with it.

On Saturday, my family set out to check out a cute little camper. We fell in love with it. While we daydreamed about having the means to tow it home, we garage-saled. We ended up at a local consignment store where we often find treasures.

I found a box of old vintage photographs, marked at one dollar a piece.

This made me very sad. All these images of people. These aren’t models paid to be in advertisements. These were real people, captured living their lives. Pawing through the box, I could tell that sometimes there were several pictures of the same person, throughout their lives.

The box of vintage photos

The box of vintage photos

How did they end up here? Did their families clean out a house when there was a death and they were just dumped here? Even if you didn’t know who they were, isn’t it someone’s duty to hold on to them? How can people just cast away their family members?  Maybe i just have that mindset because I have so little family, and know so little about the rest.

It instantly made me sad. I don’t want my picture cast aside in a box marked at a dollar for some stranger to snicker at when I am gone. I want my life to add up to more than that. I want to be remembered.

I felt like I had to give at least one of these people in the vintage pictures a new home. I ended up bringing home two.

Mrs. Nora Hamilton, Jennie Wade, and unknown woman

Mrs. Nora Hamilton, Jennie Wade (Gettysburg souvenir), and unknown woman

The first picture I chose was a woman standing with a hat on outdoors. There is no identification of any kind on the picture. She has on glasses. If you look quickly, she is smiling. If you look closer, you realize that maybe she isn’t. At first I thought she was a teenager. But, the styles of the time make it difficult to tell. She could be in her 20’s, or a youthful 30.

She could be me.

The second picture looks to be of a young woman. On the back is scrawled the name Mrs. Nora Hamilton. She looks sooo young. How can she already be married? The photo was taken by Gibson and Robbins studio in Ypsilanti, Michigan. What was going on in her life that day when the photo was taken? She probably had no children, or they would have been in the picture with her. Where is her husband? Maybe he is away at war, or died on the Titanic, or of the Spanish influenza.

She is too beautiful to be me.

I have no idea when either picture was taken.

I seem to be starting a new collection of old pictures.

I don’t know what I will do with these pictures, but I like looking at them. I am sure parts of their lives were very different than mine. No cell phones, no dishwashers, no television.  Maybe no cars.  But disagreeing with their husbands, trying to balance the responsibilities of a household, feeling passionately happy and deeply depressed–these must be all things that we do have in common.

Right above the bin of vintage pictures, was a little watercolor that caught my eye. I didn’t need it, but it spoke to me. It featured a cat, and I don’t even like cats. I peeked at the back of the frame, where there was a mini biography of the artist.

I bought it.

The artist lives and paints in Hawaii. It seemed like some sort of sign.

Holly Kitaura painting

Holly Kitaura painting

I really like the trees. And the grass. The quilt I started years ago has a similar curly cue pattern.

I looked up the artist, Holly Kitaura’s, website. Look at what else I found…

Rainbow Hale by Holly Kitaura

Rainbow Hale by Holly Kitaura

Maybe I can retire there someday.

If First Impression Flaky, Look Deeper To Find The Gooey Sweet Center

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[If you clicked on this to post to find scrumptious pie recipes, you are out of luck. I have never made an entire pie from scratch in my life. Actually, that probably means you need to be sending me pie recipes. Just sayin’.]

I was baked in America, call me "Crescent"

I was baked in America, call me “Crescent”

My first impression of most woman in a work setting is that they are very intelligent, but kinda flaky.

Being a woman, I realize there is a very real possibility other people are viewing me this way as well.

This could be why we won’t have a female president any time soon.

Although no one probably would have predicted that in 2008 we would have elected a black president either.

What I am saying is, don’t take your money to Vegas and bet on my predictions. But, I digress.

I have talked to my husband about this. I think women just have a lot more going on in their heads than men do at any one given moment. And I used to think this was just how my brain worked.   That this was a sign I was going insane.  But through exact scientific research (i.e. Facebook e-card jokes), I am beginning to think it is actually a gender thing.

It sticks in your head, because it is true

It sticks in your head, because it is true

Sample Female Brain (mine – 5 seconds): I need to remember to DVR that show tonight in case my mom wants to watch it. I wonder if there are enough diapers in the diaper bag. I wonder if there are enough diapers in the house. I wonder if I used up all my diaper coupons. I wonder if Meijer has a diaper sale this week. I wonder if the sale is for the big boxes, or the even BIGGER boxes. Will my husband fall asleep and not get to work on time? What are we going to do about our conflicting schedules next Thursday? What if I accidentally touch that Hogweed plant I heard about on the news that causes blindness? Is Hogweed more or less scary than Lyme Disease? And are killer bees still the scariest of all?

[OK. My anxiety might have crept in at the end. But I think the quantity of thoughts is accurate, if not the actual content.]

Sample Male Brain (my husband’s – 5 seconds): I wonder how that clock works. Where is the screwdriver?


George always speaks the truth

George always speaks the truth

And I think this is why sometimes women come off as scatter-brained or flaky. Just because there is such a wealth of information racing through our heads, that it takes one extra second for the file hamster to grab the right index card of information while still running on the wheel in our brains.

We aren’t flaky because we can’t do the job, but we can do the job better because of it.

The File Hamster.  Working hard to keep you organized and in your right mind.

The File Hamster. Working hard to keep you organized and in your right mind.

What I Learned This Week – 5/20/12

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I think this week I figured out how the apocalypse will happen. I think all the women on the planet will have their “cycles” in sync at the same time. December 12th, 2012, anyone?

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