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If First Impression Flaky, Look Deeper To Find The Gooey Sweet Center

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[If you clicked on this to post to find scrumptious pie recipes, you are out of luck. I have never made an entire pie from scratch in my life. Actually, that probably means you need to be sending me pie recipes. Just sayin’.]

I was baked in America, call me "Crescent"

I was baked in America, call me “Crescent”

My first impression of most woman in a work setting is that they are very intelligent, but kinda flaky.

Being a woman, I realize there is a very real possibility other people are viewing me this way as well.

This could be why we won’t have a female president any time soon.

Although no one probably would have predicted that in 2008 we would have elected a black president either.

What I am saying is, don’t take your money to Vegas and bet on my predictions. But, I digress.

I have talked to my husband about this. I think women just have a lot more going on in their heads than men do at any one given moment. And I used to think this was just how my brain worked.   That this was a sign I was going insane.  But through exact scientific research (i.e. Facebook e-card jokes), I am beginning to think it is actually a gender thing.

It sticks in your head, because it is true

It sticks in your head, because it is true

Sample Female Brain (mine – 5 seconds): I need to remember to DVR that show tonight in case my mom wants to watch it. I wonder if there are enough diapers in the diaper bag. I wonder if there are enough diapers in the house. I wonder if I used up all my diaper coupons. I wonder if Meijer has a diaper sale this week. I wonder if the sale is for the big boxes, or the even BIGGER boxes. Will my husband fall asleep and not get to work on time? What are we going to do about our conflicting schedules next Thursday? What if I accidentally touch that Hogweed plant I heard about on the news that causes blindness? Is Hogweed more or less scary than Lyme Disease? And are killer bees still the scariest of all?

[OK. My anxiety might have crept in at the end. But I think the quantity of thoughts is accurate, if not the actual content.]

Sample Male Brain (my husband’s – 5 seconds): I wonder how that clock works. Where is the screwdriver?


George always speaks the truth

George always speaks the truth

And I think this is why sometimes women come off as scatter-brained or flaky. Just because there is such a wealth of information racing through our heads, that it takes one extra second for the file hamster to grab the right index card of information while still running on the wheel in our brains.

We aren’t flaky because we can’t do the job, but we can do the job better because of it.

The File Hamster.  Working hard to keep you organized and in your right mind.

The File Hamster. Working hard to keep you organized and in your right mind.

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  1. Elizabeth in MI

    I love this post! I so feel like this ALL.THE.TIME. For example, while I was reading and processing your post I was thinking, “I bet my son needs his diaper changed. I should put him in underpants so he can work on his potty training skills. I can’t forget that my girl has to be at the dentist at 1pm. I hope that crooked tooth is nothing too bad. The dog needs to go out. I need to add dishwashing liquid to the shopping list. I’m not sure I have enough money to buy everything on the list. I’ll have to make 2 trips to the store this week. I’m glad gas got cheaper. Is the neighbor mowing his lawn AGAIN?” I’m pretty sure my husband thoughts during the same time was, “my coffee is almost gone. I should refill.”

  2. Elizabeth in MI

    Reblogged this on lazyhippiemama and commented:
    My asbestos friend speaks the truth…

  3. OMG, it’s not just me!

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