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What I Learned This Week – 9/16/12

This week I learned that Ugly Betty is a really good show. I know it hasn’t aired since 2010, but I have been watching reruns every weekday. The writing is so good, the characters so catty, and the actors all just eat their rolls up. I am especially liking Becki Newton (the blond receptionist) lately, although she didn’t impress me much when I watched Ugly Betty during its prime time run.

Amanda (played by Becki Newton)

I must admit though, I am now in trouble.

I have discovered Ugly Betty is on streaming Netflix.

This is both good and bad. The good is that I can watch it at my convenience and not have to starve my son from 1-3PM M-F. But it allows for things like me watching four episodes yesterday. I am naughty.

Betty: Mark, I started a blog!
Mark: Oh, a blog…That is so six years ago.

I have also learned that Once Upon a Child is a great place to shop, but not so great to turn in items to. I left with the same high chair/swing and giant plastic toy I showed up with. My items were rejected, which left me feeling rejected as well.

I guess part of the problem is my delusion that I should be able to get back some of the value out of the expensive items I had to buy to set up house for my shorty. Technically, I used the high chair and/or swing every day for two years. I guess that MIGHT mean I got my value out of it.

Now the high chair/swing is out of my kitchen. But, it is still filling up my car. Doh.

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