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What I Learned This Week – 9/16/12

This week I learned that Ugly Betty is a really good show. I know it hasn’t aired since 2010, but I have been watching reruns every weekday. The writing is so good, the characters so catty, and the actors all just eat their rolls up. I am especially liking Becki Newton (the blond receptionist) lately, although she didn’t impress me much when I watched Ugly Betty during its prime time run.

Amanda (played by Becki Newton)

I must admit though, I am now in trouble.

I have discovered Ugly Betty is on streaming Netflix.

This is both good and bad. The good is that I can watch it at my convenience and not have to starve my son from 1-3PM M-F. But it allows for things like me watching four episodes yesterday. I am naughty.

Betty: Mark, I started a blog!
Mark: Oh, a blog…That is so six years ago.

I have also learned that Once Upon a Child is a great place to shop, but not so great to turn in items to. I left with the same high chair/swing and giant plastic toy I showed up with. My items were rejected, which left me feeling rejected as well.

I guess part of the problem is my delusion that I should be able to get back some of the value out of the expensive items I had to buy to set up house for my shorty. Technically, I used the high chair and/or swing every day for two years. I guess that MIGHT mean I got my value out of it.

Now the high chair/swing is out of my kitchen. But, it is still filling up my car. Doh.

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Stay-At-Home Mom

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Although my Facebook profile says I am still Job-Hunting, I have begun to think of myself more as a stay-at-home mom. Every day I meet (more or less) the needs of my son in a timely manner (before Daddy gets home). Then the next day I start all over again with the brand new obstacles my toddler will throw at me.

Things I have realized about being a stay-at-home mom:

–The illusion of getting to do what I want all day long, then wondering where the day went and why my house looks worse than when I woke up.

–I have to fill my day with activities that will fill up my tiny amount of spare time, but that can be stopped at a moment’s notice for a poopy diaper or a boo-boo (ex. watching TV-not good/watching DVD-good; doing taxes-not good/reading a book-good).

–I can only run upstairs to get something when my toddler is asleep or restrained (ex. high chair). He can climb up the stairs, but cannot get back down again safely. Which means I have to carry him down. Which means he cries because he wasn’t done playing on the stairs yet.

–Blog posts will invariably have typos in them, as much as I feel ashamed by them. I would love to put all my concentration into it and proofread a post 20 times before it is sent out over the wire and air, but my attention is elsewhere.

–I have no desire to cook. For the same reason blog posts will invariably have typos.

–The toddler and the pointer and the mutt rule the house. I am just their servant.

–I need a schedule to remember if I already watered the plants this week and to remember if I get a free moment to run the dishwasher. Otherwise I just go “hey, free time” and watch a DVD.

Dry-erase household checklist, anyone?

–Toddler nap time is the holiest time of the day. I can get things done. Unrestricted. As long as they do not cause noise or require me to leave the house or get the dogs riled up so that they cause noise. For a brief amount of time, my son took two naps a day. Now I am lucky if he takes one.

–The guilt of having your son strapped into a stroller at the mall all day can be alleviated by setting them free in the mall child play area. (I never even really paid attention to those places. I just thought of them as germ breading grounds. Which they are.)

–Free community activities are great entertainment. (My asbestos friend shared that with me.) Cheap excuses to get out of the house are good. Especially if they include free snacks or giveaways.

–I must have been insane to think a year ago I could work and do all this too.

–Pop-tarts are so much better toasted at home than they were microwaved and soggy at work. (I didn’t have a toaster at work because I was afraid security would bust me with it.)

–The guy on Artzooka is really cute.

–It is impossible to walk my two dogs with a stroller by myself.

–Laundry and dishes don’t do themselves.

I’m not stalking you. is NOW ON FACEBOOK! “Like” that I’m not stalking you and get an update when there is a new post to read. (It is sort of like YOU are stalking ME.)

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