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My Life Philosophy (Sitcom Style)

Two of the most important people in the personal development of my life were the TV characters of Punky Brewster and Chandler Bing. What have they taught me?

Punky Brewster


    – Always be colorful.
    – Ponytails improve your outlook on life.
    – Speak up.
    – Have spunk.
    – When you feel trapped, plan your escape.
    – A dog is a girl’s best friend.
    – Growing older doesn’t mean you have to grow up.
    – When life takes away a parent, find your own replacement.
    – Home is where the dog is.
    – Dance like everyone is watching.
    – Be yourself.
    – March to the beat of your own drummer.

Chandler Bing


    – If you can’t beat them, make them laugh.
    – Being “the funny one” is a compliment.
    – Embrace your inner geek.
    – Being vulnerable can be more endearing than being strong.
    – Surround yourself with good Friends.
    – When life gives you a transvestite father, cast Kathleen Turner in the role.
    – Dance like you don’t care if anyone is watching.

I’m Chandler. Could I BE anymore charmingly self-depreciating?

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