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Hippie Pictures

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Flower Child

My asbestos friend writes the blog lazyhippiemama about her earth-friendly adventures.

Photo of me from 1991. It was Woodstock Day during Spirit Week at school. (I wish I was still that skinny.)

But I was an earth-loving hippie before she was. I went through a “Save the Earth” phase in tenth grade. I think that is when peace signs became common jewelry and slogans like “Save the Trees” showed up on shirts. At least, the first time of my generation. I am between Gen X and Gen Y. I even got an “ours to save” logo with a little earth on my high school class ring. I was really obsessed. (And I wasn’t involved in any sports and didn’t want one side of my ring empty.) I took Environmental Science just for fun, and I don’t enjoy science. Too bad the teacher was also the FFA teacher and spent ¾ of the year talking about ground water. But I gradually gave all that up. I mostly blame an unsupportive mother. And maybe I was a little ahead of my time.

During my hippie time, I also drew pictures. Do you know that song “Hippie Chick” by Soho? (Ya, I had to look up who sang it.) Well, these are “Hippie Pix.” I think I envisioned that someday I would work at Lisa Frank (maker of colorful school supplies and stationary for pre-teen girls). These were sort of my first stab at that. I did so many of these drawings that my markers ran out of ink. Thirty-one drawings in all. I actually kind of miss making them, although I guess, when I think about it, it was a giant waste of time. They have just sat in a folder in my file cabinet for twenty years.

My Favorite

So now, I expose them on my blog, to the world. Or, at least the handful that I scanned. Please do not steal them. Although I can understand how you would totally want to 😛

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