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There is a Pawn, There is a Rook

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I wrote this poem on the back of a math assignment in high school. I might have been a freshmen. I misplaced it for a while, and it drove me nuts because I really liked it and couldn’t remember exactly how it had been written. But then I found it again. I think it was tucked in a different subject’s text book.

I like how it rhymes. And how the children never have to go to school. As I wrote it while in school and didn’t want to be there. But I knew, realistically, the kids would still be required by the Happy Town government to receive some form of education. That is why I added “They learned from life/And their father’s wife [most likely being their mother]”.

I still don’t really know what a pawn or a rook are. Something to do with chess. Being stuck in school, I just loved the imagery of bad guys (and school bullies) getting what they deserved. And the image of playing with puppies in the sunshine. Sooo much better than being crammed in a classroom listening to a teacher drone on and on and on.

I do believe this could make a great children’s book someday. The image below I typed up on my word processor I was going to use to become a famous writer. I ended up selling it at a garage sale. But enjoy this poem I typed up and printed on the fancy-schmancy paper that came with it. I like how the girl at the top has a star on her eye. It makes her look like she belongs with Jem and the Holograms.

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  1. That’s how my girl is going to learn from now on… not at school but “from life and her father’s wife.” 🙂 Maybe you should teach her poetry class.

  2. I knew you would like that line. Even though I wrote it like 20 years before you knew you would home school. Or have a housefull of children:)

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