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Soulful Art or Teen Angst in Paint?

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Some pictures from my very brief painting phase in high school art class. I never liked paint much. Even though you hold the brush, it still sorta goes anywhere it wants to. I have always preferred pencils and markers and stuff. Things that are a more controlled extension of my hand.

Ya, I have control issues.

With no further ado, I present to you my crappy collection of high school art.

Mother Nature is weeping at the destruction we have done to our earth.  She is a part of ground, the trees, the clouds.

Mother Nature is weeping at the destruction we have done to our earth. She is a part of ground, the trees, the clouds.

This was from my “Save the Earth” phase.

I had T-shirt that said it.
I got it on my class ring.
I did reports on it for school.
I took Environmental Science (and I hate science).
I watched Captain Planet.

Not that I still don’t want it saved, but now I have other priorities. Actually, after 20 years, there is now actually a convenient location for me to recycle at! Imagine that!

A wolf who is so cool, he howls at his own moon.

A wolf who is so cool, he howls at his own moon.

This was sort of supposed to be like “Live Your Own Life”, “Do Your Own Thing”, etc.

It was me as a teenager trying to embrace that I would never be in the popular crowd. I would never wear turtlenecks under my sweatshirts or have expensive jeans or my own car to drive to school.

If you take it literally, then you will realize that the Earth only has one moon, and then, well, it just loses all meaning then…

Hippie Pictures

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Flower Child

My asbestos friend writes the blog lazyhippiemama about her earth-friendly adventures.

Photo of me from 1991. It was Woodstock Day during Spirit Week at school. (I wish I was still that skinny.)

But I was an earth-loving hippie before she was. I went through a “Save the Earth” phase in tenth grade. I think that is when peace signs became common jewelry and slogans like “Save the Trees” showed up on shirts. At least, the first time of my generation. I am between Gen X and Gen Y. I even got an “ours to save” logo with a little earth on my high school class ring. I was really obsessed. (And I wasn’t involved in any sports and didn’t want one side of my ring empty.) I took Environmental Science just for fun, and I don’t enjoy science. Too bad the teacher was also the FFA teacher and spent ¾ of the year talking about ground water. But I gradually gave all that up. I mostly blame an unsupportive mother. And maybe I was a little ahead of my time.

During my hippie time, I also drew pictures. Do you know that song “Hippie Chick” by Soho? (Ya, I had to look up who sang it.) Well, these are “Hippie Pix.” I think I envisioned that someday I would work at Lisa Frank (maker of colorful school supplies and stationary for pre-teen girls). These were sort of my first stab at that. I did so many of these drawings that my markers ran out of ink. Thirty-one drawings in all. I actually kind of miss making them, although I guess, when I think about it, it was a giant waste of time. They have just sat in a folder in my file cabinet for twenty years.

My Favorite

So now, I expose them on my blog, to the world. Or, at least the handful that I scanned. Please do not steal them. Although I can understand how you would totally want to 😛

Pop on over to I’m not stalking you. on Facebook to see more bonus pictures.

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