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My Trip to Strangerville

I had the honor of being interviewed by It Just Gets Stranger‘s Eli McCann about one of my most favorite subjects in the universe: Punky Brewster!

He tried to keep the topic on only the refrigerator episode, but as I harbor deep-seated resentment toward that episode (see link to his post below), I kept trying to steer the conversation to Punky Brewster in general. (He edited that out, and rightfully so).

The whole time I was crazy nervous on this phone interview with him and his cohort Meg, I wondered why we were going to all this trouble for a blog post.

Turns out the interview was actually for his Strangerville podcast. That is right, America. I am now in a podcast.

And it is good I didn’t know it was for a podcast, as I would have been more crazy nervous.

If there is anyone else out there that would like to interview me about Punky Brewster or Growing Pains or my love of Matthew Perry, please just contact me at:

Here is the link to Eli’s website and the podcast:

Don’t be scared by the title. It isn’t that spooky. I appear in segment titled “Refrigerator Death.” Has a cheery ring to it, huh?

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Inside the Author Interview

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Today M.R. Polish, author of paranormal, fantasy, and romance, has an interview with little old me on her blog. Click on over and go check it out.!InsideTheAuthor-Interview-Series-with-Jennifer-Friess/c1ydf/559710eb0cf2efdf74eb50fa

Now I feel all famous and junk!

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Suck Up!

I have a confession to make. And I also have to admit that I am rather proud of it.

I am a big giant suck up.

Teacher’s pet.

My mom refers to me as a “brown noser”. (I hate that term.)

SUCK UP-d bag

I have always been his way. Through school, college, and even my first job.

I almost always make the impression to my superiors that I am 100% reliable and hardworking. And that is not a total lie. But it is probably more like 85%. Which, in my head, is still probably more of an effort than 50% of the other people in the world put forth. (If you are a reader of my blog, I am positive that you fall into the hardworking 50% category 😉

And there is a lot of hard work at the beginning to establish that reputation. You have to be reliable, dependable, dedicated. You have to go above and beyond when you see chances to. And I have this thing that when I work somewhere, especially if I work primarily by myself, I tend to think of the business as if it were my own.

SUCK UP-motivational

No. I don’t mean that I go out and order 500 reams of copier paper or do lunches on the company credit card. I have never had a position where I was important enough to have a company credit card.

I mean that I try to keep my desk/store clean and tidy. I respect the resources/equipment that are available to me. If I abuse them and they break, that just makes my job harder in the long run. I try to capitalize on any chance to fill in dull times with busy work.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my “sit-around-&-do-nothing” time as much as the next guy. In order to be a proper suck up, you must always complete your work promptly when there is actual work to be done. And the quicker you get it done, the sooner you can do nothing. I don’t ask for more work. Instead, I try and appear to be busy all the time. Looking busy when you are not can be work too.

So, I guess what it boils down to is, it is a lot of work to be a suck up.

But it can pay off. If there is a fun task or free stuff, sometimes being a suck up, you are the first person to pop into your superior’s heads. You get watched less. You get more freedom, because they believe you will not abuse it. And you can abuse it a little and usually no one notices. (Of course I don’t mean things like taking money. In an interview, I always list one of my faults as being “too honest”.) But I mean things like standing around talking a few minutes longer than I should. If you are on someone’s mental goody-goody list already, it does not seem as though it is as big of an issue.

I guess being a good worker somehow got ingrained in me. So even when I think that I am goofing off, other people probably don’t see it that way. I am very internally judgmental of my co-workers who are habitually late or slacking. They are not playing my game. They are not putting on a show.

Maybe sucking up works for me because I don’t just put on a show. I actually back it up with real work.

If I am such a wonderful worker, why did it take me so long to find a new job?

Maybe I interview badly.

Maybe it is that “too honest” thing.

Maybe no one believes it.

Or maybe only a person who was “too honest” would ever use that awful line.

SUCK UP-frye

What I Learned This Week – 4/14/13

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This week I may have learned what my perfect job might be. I had an interview at a local botanical spot. It was only part-time, and the hours would have been perfect for my husband to work a 2nd shift job. (Alas, the new job he started a few weeks ago just didn’t work out, for multiple reasons. He really did try. Poor baby.) Lots of time to still spend with my son and not have to mess with daycare. It didn’t pay much, but it also would have been pretty low-stress work as well. I liked the boss and she seemed to like me a lot. But, the catch is that there is actually NO POSITION OPEN right now. She just suspects one of her employees is going to possibly quit soon. Ugh. Frustrating.

My favorite Olivia & Peter kiss-the first one, Season 2 Finale in the alternate universe. Photo:

My favorite Olivia & Peter kiss-the first one, Season 2 Finale in the alternate universe.

The other thing I learned this week is that Fringe is highly addictive. I watched the series during it’s regular run. I missed very few episodes. It was “Must-See TV” for me. (I know, wrong network!) Today the SCI channel (who knew that even existed?) was running a marathon. I watched like 6 hours of Season 3 straight through. I was not fond of the final season of Fringe. It was very depressing. But while watching those doomsday episodes, I had forgot how much I had enjoyed all the earlier episodes. And how watching Peter, Walter, Olivia, and Astrid become a deeply caring family really was a joy for the first four seasons.

And as a chronic shipper, it was amazing for me to actually be delightfully surprised when Peter and Olivia got together.

What I Learned This Week – 3/24/13

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This week I learned that my husband starts a new job–yaaaa!  It is a factory job and he really did not enjoy the one he had before.  So, here is to hoping he can get a little enjoyment out of it while making money to pay the bills.

Personally, I learned that employers want you to have giant windows of availability. I happened to get an interview last week for a place that I submitted an application to in December. At that time, I told them I could work any of the 18hrs that the store is open. This was true for the past 3 months since then. Of course, 6 hours after they call me for an interview, my husband gets the call about his job. Which, it turns out, he won’t find out what shift he will be on until Wednesday. At my interview, it turns out I need to be available to work 10am-10pm Monday through Sunday to be hired. We left it at “I would get back to him” if my husband’s schedule turns out favorable. That might be a great schedule if I had like a 12 year old who could take care of themselves. Not so great for the mother of a two-year old who most likely could not afford daycare on that salary.

Today (which should really go on next week’s post–deal with it) I learned that actor Billy Burke, Charlie Swan from the Twilight movies and currently starring on NBC’s Revolution, sings. As in, records songs and videos and stuff. Heh, who knew? Check him out here:

And finally, cleaning up leftovers from like two weeks ago, here are further duct tape projects I made after the tote bag, before becoming distracted by a much larger creative project.

Domo Wallet, made from duct tape, outside

Domo Wallet, made from duct tape, outside

Domo Wallet, made from duct tape, 3 pocket interior

Domo Wallet, made from duct tape, 3 pocket interior

Domo drum, made from duct tape and a toddler snack can

Domo drum, made from duct tape and a toddler snack can

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