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What I Learned This Week – 3/10/13

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First, I learned that croup can be an awful, scary little sickness. Luckily, I learned this second-hand. My asbestos friend (who I think of like a sister)’s son (who I think of as…a nephew, then?) was in the emergency room last night with it. As of last report, he was much improved. Send your wishes for a speedy recovery over to lazyhippiemama.

The second thing I learned this week was that crafting with duct tape can be immensely enjoyable.

BEFORE (Saturday at noon)

BEFORE (Saturday at noon)

I spent all day yesterday turning a Cheerios box into a “writer-on-the-go” bag. It took me almost three rolls of duct tape to make and only one unscheduled trip to Walmart to purchase more. I put a pocket on the front. I was going to put a cell phone pocket on the side, but then I got lazy.
AFTER (Saturday night)

AFTER (Saturday night)

I have 2 full rolls of white and blue duct tape left and a slightly smaller cereal box. I have the urge to make another bag. But if I bring (or create) one more tote bag into my house, my husband might go crazy. So, if I make it under the plan of donating it to the church craft show, he can’t get mad, right?

If I don’t use the duct tape, it will just get old and gross and go to waste anyway. So I might as well craft with it, right?


(Wait, am I the only one who worries about duct tape going bad?)

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  1. Elizabeth in MI

    Thanks for the good wishes! I think next you should make a lanyard: or maybe a drum for M: or a bedskirt: OR you could make Domo folder!

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