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What I Learned This Week – 10/28/12

The finished product: Spaghetti Squash with Spaghetti Sauce and Cheese

This week I learned that spaghetti squash is pretty good. My friend cooked some up using a Rachael Ray recipe. I found a recipe of Ms. Ray’s (not sure if it was the same recipe) and bastardized the hell out of it. I really only used the recipe to know how to prepare the squash. For final touches, I just put Ragu spaghetti sauce and an italian shredded four cheese blend on it. My husband liked it. My toddler son LOVED it. I thought it was kind of “eh”. But if it isn’t chocolate-coated, that is often my response.

A satisfied customer (And using a fork! So advanced.)

I also learned this week that I don’t seem to be qualified to work as a part time bank teller. It appealed to me because I thought I would still have some time every week to spend with my son and keep the house clean. I interviewed at two different branches. One went with someone with 20 years of teller experience. (My experience in banking? None.) I can’t compete with that.

I haven’t heard back on the second interview yet, but the job description and the manager made it pretty clear that they wanted someone who spoke Spanish. (Alas, more skills I lack.) The recruiter didn’t seemed as concerned by my lack of this skill.

Spaghetti squash have seeds?! But Rachael didn’t say anything about what to do with seeds!

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My company is dead.

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My company is dead. They are finally going to close. I am relieved. Everyone else seemed stunned. I’m not sure what world they live in. The company has had a string of bad CEOs since I started in 1999. As a company, we did crazy things, like cut all our ordering by 30% for the holiday season, when the holidays are when we would have the highest sales. We also ignored a sector of the business that was high margin & high sales.

When I applied for jobs or went on interviews, I was always worried they would offer me the job, then I would have to make a decision if I should take a job with less pay and benefits, or stay with a job that could end any day or move 20 miles further from my home. See, a relief.

Now I will have to go all-out job hunting. I am ready for it. I think. Much more ready than all the previous times my company had layoffs in the past. Hopefully my new job will not have a 50 minute commute.

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