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What I Learned This Week – 4/5/15

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I have been saving up, so here a few things I learned over the last few weeks.

I learned that my first book signing made me feel like a rock star. I got to see friends and family from far and wide that I almost never get to see. A former coworker even bought me a flower.

I can’t remember the last time I had flowers!

My cousins brought me my dad’s army jacket.

I didn’t even know that it still existed!

Did I sell some books? YES!

Did I sell enough to become independently wealthy? Eh, no. But there is always the next appearance. Keep checking my Events page for details.

I have also learned that my boy is a genius.

I know, every parent thinks that about their own kid.

And I admit, my child might actually be an evil genius.

After missing 3 out of 4 days of preschool one week for a fever, my son became accustomed to watching the Disney Pixar movie Cars twice a day.

My son went to school the next Monday & Tuesday, although he tried to talk his way out of it. By Wednesday, he was like “I’m sick. My ear hurts. I have to stay home. Call my teachers and tell them I won’t be in. We can watch Lightning McQueen, then maybe we can go visit Grandma.”

I told him he could a) go to school, or b) stay home and go to the doctor. He chose option b.

The pediatrician was like “It is a little red in there. Hard to see around all the wax. Here is a prescription for antibiotics.”

Oy. That doesn’t exactly prove that my son was playing me, but pretty much, ya.

Last week, it was “I can’t go to school. I’m sick. My hand hurts.” The next day it was “I’m sick. Both my hands hurt.” I asked why he didn’t want to go to school, and he said “It’s boring.”

Oh no. That is exactly what I used to say all the time. I have raised a mini-me.

Hope you had a hoppy Easter.

Hope you had a hoppy Easter.

After seeing the Easter Bunny talking to kids at the mall, my son asked me a ton of questions, including, “What does the Easter Bunny do at night?” I replied that he goes to sleep. I was corrected.

“No. He takes off his costume and goes to bed.”


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What I Learned This Week 8/5/12

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I learned that my totally cute and adorable son, M, can do something I never imagined–be ugly.

He has been sick since Tuesday night. It took a pediatrician and then the ER to tell us he has strep throat. So, his temperament has been very ugly all week due to his illness. Then adding insult to injury, my husband gave him a horrible haircut on Saturday. My husband argued with me for a good couple hours before he relented that yes, my son does now look like a monk. To top it off, as we were at the ER of one of the best children’s hospitals in the country, M broke out in a weird red rash. The ER docs said that was just something that comes along sometimes with a fever. My mom thinks it is the measles. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like it. There is nothing uglier than a crying boy who is all rashy with a monk haircut:(

While attempting to entertain my ailing tyke, I also learned that Thomas is a very bad tank engine. In one hour long movie, he causes an old trestle bridge to collapse, knocks down a brick tower, derails (I think there is one of these in every episode), and ended up in an abandoned flooded mine floating along.

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