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My Earliest Memory

MEMORY-green fog

My earliest memory is of being awake super early in the morning standing in my living room. Like, maybe 5:00AM. It is the only time as a kid I can remember being up that early. Captain Kangaroo was on. It was only on very early in the morning. That was the only time I ever watched it. (And it was kinda weird.) I remember the screen on the color television being kind of greenish, because it didn’t work right and the tubes were going out on it or something. I looked out the tall window at the end of our living room in our old farmhouse, and there was a wall of green fog outside. It was so thick I could not see our next door neighbor’s house. It was as if an alien ship had landed outside, the lights from their ship reflecting off of the fog. It was strange and frightening, but also exciting at the same time.

That might all sound super fake and trippy. And, I will admit there are probably inaccuracies in it as my brain has been rotted over the last 35 years by too many Pop-Tarts and watching too much Beavis & Butthead while I was in college. I would say I was probably only three or four years old when that all took place.

But I know there is some truth in it, because my mom remembers that day too. Just a little differently than I do…

She remembers it as a day when, in a fit of stubbornness the night before, I told her I was not going to go to sleep. And, well, apparently I didn’t. (Most every kid threatens it, but very few follow through. I was a determined little Capricorn!) She says it was incredibly foggy that morning and there was an eerie green glow to everything. She needed to go to the post office that morning, so she loaded me in the car…where I promptly fell asleep.

Now, this was Riga, Michigan, a quaint but tiny farming town. The post office was literally a 65 second drive from our house.

I find it interesting that even at that young age I would defy her on purpose, just to be difficult. I guess that proves there is no hope for stopping that habit now.

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I dreamed I rode a skateboard

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The other night I dreamed I was riding a skateboard. Not doing any tricks, but just riding it down the sidewalk, feeling the wind rush past my face. I was going faster than I ever would dare in real life and very sure of myself that I would not fall off.

After I woke up, I kept thinking about the nice rush I got in the dream. Sort of like riding a bike, but in the dream it seemed like less work. I let my mind wander to what I would put on my skateboard if I could have a custom picture on it. This is what came into my head. Then I had to draw it to try to get it out of my head. It is sort of like Harajuku girl meets Punky Brewster, with a little bit of Cartman when the aliens make him sing because of the probe in his ass.

The skateboard design in my head

The only skateboard I have ever actually owned as a kid was a skinny red plastic one from Meijer. I liked it, but fell off it a lot. I never had one of these fancy wide wooden boards that the teenage boys have today. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I just might buy one to horse around on, just because of this dream. But I forget that I am old and the ground is harder than it used to be. And less forgiving. And that I would never have a picture this cool on my board.

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