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What I Learned This Week – 2/9/14

This week I learned that my family and I have very different personalities.

We spent a little family time at Build-A-Bear (or cat) Workshop this week. All the animals we picked out are very different. But I think the ones we picked out represent us all very well. It would be fun to psychoanalyze us by our choices. See the picture below…

Our Build-A-Bear creations (l to r): Rainbow (my son's), Hootchie Mama Hello Kitty (mine), Lloyd (my husband's)

Our Build-A-Bear creations (l to r): Rainbow (my son’s), Hootchie Mama Hello Kitty (mine), Lloyd (my husband’s)

FYI–If I get 20 different people to comment on this post, you will all be rewarded with a video of Hootchie Mama Hello Kitty twerking!!!

Quite the incentive, huh? Send over your friends and family! All are welcome here! (Except Negative Nellies! That is why my mom has no idea about my blog. Shhhhh!)

4 responses

  1. So I was thinking about it and I think your husband is actually just hiding a massive wild streak behind that plain back-bear veneer.

  2. I was thinking that your husband is the only one who’s normal. Just kidding! To have married you, he’s probably not. Oooh! The hits keep coming! Actually, I think it’s very cool that you had a family outing to Build a Bear. You make me feel like a total slacker mom. As if not having a giant pharmacy giraffe weren’t enough!

    • Well, you should know that the ACTUAL family outing was to watch the original The Muppet Movie in a classic theater. We just happened to wander to the mall afterwards. And we looked at real, live PUPPIES in the mall too. It was quite the day!

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