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Headless Babies

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I went to my asbestos friend’s (it’s a long story) baby shower on Saturday. Now, bear in mind, this is the shower at the church, given to her by the people who go there. I was in charge of the heathen gathering a couple weeks ago. We had a Baby-Q, where we bar-b-qued actual babies. Very few people came. Not sure why.

She lives in a different town than I. I ran some errands first, but then I had time to kill. I drove past her house, but she hadn’t left for the church yet. I wasn’t stalking her. I drove around a little and went by her house again. She was still there. I wasn’t stalking her. OK, maybe I was. But it killed time until I saw her vehicle at the church a few minutes later.

It was a nice, if boringly standard, baby shower i.e. no babies on spits. Although the party favors were babies with removable heads. At one point her daughter got cold & borrowed my infant son’s blanket. I kept thinking it was good I had brought that particular one, because it had a Precious Moments character on it. The perfect blanket to take to a church. That way no one would see through my act & run me out the door. My mom raised me to believe I would burst into flames if I ever walked into a church.

I had run errands all morning & asked my husband to come pick up our son at the shower when he got out of school. I didn’t want my son interrupting the shower, and I also knew he was exhausted & needed to rest at home. Afterall, we had marathon shopped at Meijer* the night before. My husband came & got him. About an hour later, I head home. I got home before them. My husband had stopped in to Walmart** on the way home–OY!

*Shameless plug: Please shop at Meijer. They are a Michigan-based company and are much better at keeping the shelves stocked than they used to be. Michgan needs your $$$.
**Do not shop at Walmart. They probably don’t really have what you are looking for anyway and they are not Michigan-based.

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