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Lookin’ Like a Bum

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Everyone has those days. Where you have carved out time in your busy schedule to clean the bathroom, but you are out of cleaning products. So, you run to the store in your pajamas. Or sweats. Or holey T-shirt you have had since high school and usually use to wax the car in. You try to get in and out as fast as possible, because you don’t really want anyone you know to spot you out of the house like that.

Or it happens at 9:30PM at night. You are already in your PJs and that ice cream craving hits. You can’t deny it. A run to the store is in order.

Now, these times used to not bother me too much. I have always looked young for my age (I am not bragging. Ask anyone. It is actually a pain sometimes.). I always assumed if I left the house dressed like a bum that people would just assume I am a college student too lazy to find a pair of jeans on my dorm room floor. (For the record, I have never lived in a dorm room. Except one night for orientation. Because the college MADE ME.)

But, the other day, as I cruised Meijer in yoga pants and too big flannel shirt from my grunge phase in 2000 (Yes, I know. Grunge was way over by then), I realized that I may no longer be viewed as a scummy college student anymore. I might just look like a tired mother, out to buy cleanser and ice cream. And that thought saddened me. Don’t get me wrong, I still am not going to dress like I am going to a job interview to go to the store. But I will be sad to think I am too old to fool anyone anymore.

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What I Learned This Week – 6/17/12

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This week I learned that seeing my old co-workers feels like we all fought a war together. I am pretty sure most co-workers that get together don’t feel that way. But in a lot of ways, working for the company I used to work for felt like fighting battles. It was one thing after another, which I guess is always how it is in business. But somehow our company was always the underdog. One year at Christmas time, we even had a general leaving company-wide voicemails telling us that if we didn’t make the plan numbers for the year, our company would be history. Little did he know, we limped along for another year (without him).

Seeing each other again, we all seemed happy (although some sad circumstances surrounded our reunion). I don’t remember anyone looking happy the last year my former employer was in business. So, I guess the more correct statement would be “we all fought a losing war together.” Instead of comparing battle scars, we compared what companies we have sent our resumes to, interviewed at, and what we have done to keep or lose our house. It was kind of like a giant unemployment support group.

I also learned this week that I need to start a driving school. Drivers are horrible! I do not seem to be the only one who is noticing this. The laws of the road are one thing that I already know. And I feel like they are going to waste, as no one else is following them. The only thing I would need to start this business is buy a car and fit it with one of those Driver’s Ed extra brake devices. Which, I don’t have the money to do. But it I did, the car would be mostly tax deductible, as it would be for my business.

Normally I am scared of teenagers. But there is one area where they are vulnerable—their quest for a driver’s license. After all, a license if a privilege, not a right. If I owned a driving school, I would have ultimate power over them! (Insert Evil Laugh here.)

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