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What I Learned This Week – 9/1/13

This week I learned that cell phones don’t last forever.

I was at the grocery store. M happened to be looking especially cute, so I tried to take a picture of him. And my cell phone screen went black.

And it never recovered.

My Samsung Restore served me well for 2 1/2 years.

I had already picked out my new cell phone. Which seems to be the pattern in my life that quickly leads to my old phone dying.

I am now the proud owner of a Kyocera Rise. I love my sliders. And it has a touchscreen, so it will be like my training wheels for the day when the industry no longer makes slider style phones. And now I can have APPS!

The learning curve was steep. The first night I had trouble sleeping because I had so much anxiety over trying to work my new phone.

It's an "Anxie-TEE"--Get it?  I KILL me!

It’s an “Anxie-TEE”–Get it? I KILL me!

Surprisingly, I am adapting to the touchscreen quite well. I was freaking out that I had no enter key. (Until I found it, that is…)

Now my biggest hurdle is probably trying to figure out how to maximize my battery life. I used to charge my previous phone once every 2-3 days. This phone needs a charge about every 24hrs. Oy! I guess that is the price that comes with more functions.

My new celly

My new celly

I also learned we have too darn many charging cords in our house (and some with removable USB cords as well):

1. The digital camera
2. My old cell phone
3. My new cell phone
4. Husband’s cell old phone
5. Husband’s cell new phone
6. Husband’s indoor model helicopter
7. My laptop
8. Husband’s laptop

This is mildly driving me crazy. And you might say that we no longer need the cords to our old phones. But, they all have the same input. In a pinch, we could use those on our new phones as well.

So, I took all but a few of my husband’s cords and labeled them with permanent marker and electrical tape so that I will know which cord was intended for each device. Oh, how I love electrical tape.

Hopefully, this will bring a little organization into a tech-obsessed world.

Open Letter to Samsung

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Samsung will be added to the list of brands we won’t buy again, along with Emerson and Canon.

TO: Samsung
CC: Underwriters Laboratories
RE: Model Number LN-T3242H C
Model Code: LNT3242HX/XAA
MFD: September 2007
Purchased: Spring 2008/Circuit City – Ann Arbor, MI
Today’s Date: 4/18/2012

Last night we were watching our television and it started hissing and turned itself off. My husband turned it back on and the screen began to flash. We turned it off. It was still hissing. We unplugged it. Our house filled with the smell of burning plastic. I am sure the odors are not healthy for any of us, especially my 16 month old sleeping son. The back of the TV has a circle of melted plastic.

We have only had this TV for four years. We are not heavy users. My expectation is that a television should last for at least five years minimum. This is not the first time your products have performed inferior to our expectations. We had a Samsung Blu-Ray player that would not play any discs properly. At least it did not burst into flames.

We will no longer be buying any Samsung products.



sad empty entertainment center

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