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Paint It Like It’s 1988: DIY Child’s Coat Rack

When we moved into our 100 year old house in 2004, there were already shelves and coat racks and key racks screwed into the walls. I eliminated the shelves that were in what we referred to as “the dog room” when it became “the nursery”. That is before it was the “man room.” They were white and wire and, in my opinion, ugly. I ripped out the one that was in what is now my son’s bedroom as well.

The coat rack and key rack by the back door I left untouched. We actually use the front door more than the back, so we always find ourselves walking to the back door to get our coat, then walking back to the front to leave. The keys that hang on the rack back there are ones we almost never use. The ones we need for cars and houses and our mothers’ houses we carry with us.

When we redid a bedroom upstairs for my son last year, we made him a cool train room [You can see it here:], complete with a coat rack that looks like a train sign. (We made a white one, he wanted the round yellow one. Le sigh.) It is great for his robe and baseball hats and such, but if we are leaving and I send him upstairs for a coat, he will get sidetracked and never make it back down again. The coat rack by the back door, while useful, was not very functional for a shorty like my almost six year old.

So, I came up with the idea that I needed to make him his own coat rack that he could reach downstairs. I was so fed up last spring, that I wandered into the local Habitat for Humanity Restore. (If you don’t know about these places and their treasure-trove of recycled goodies, look into it.) Twenty minutes later I walked out with an old oak board and enough hardware to handle coats for an army of children. I don’t remember the exact amount, but it seems like it was around $5 for my haul that day. I always intended to splatter-paint it with the leftover paint from my upstairs revitalization project, but never got to it all summer. With autumn’s cold mornings, it became necessary once again.

The completed board. The paint is still wet here.

The completed board. The paint is still wet here.

So, one day I designated as “paint day”, my son and I went out in the front yard in our junky clothes and painted his proton pack for Halloween, as well as the board for this project.

My son did all the painting himself. He did an excellent job, even if it is slightly more paint than I myself would have used. He had fun. And it got done.

Manly husband with power tools doing installation. Ahr, ahr, ahr. Now, where did we leave those studs???

Manly husband with power tools doing installation. Ahr, ahr, ahr. Now, where did we leave those studs???

While I have my own drill and bits and hoped to do the whole project myself, I am a giant loser wuss woman and had to have my husband come in and save me to screw on the hardware and attach it to the wall. But I think it came out pretty sweet!

Finished product. Reminds me of a New Kids on the Block shirt that I used to own.

Finished product. Reminds me of a New Kids on the Block shirt that I used to own.

Now, if only my son would quit wearing his coats to school on cool mornings and then LEAVING THEM IN HIS LOCKER instead of bringing them home. His coat rack looks a little empty at the moment.

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What I Learned This Week – 9/1/13

This week I learned that cell phones don’t last forever.

I was at the grocery store. M happened to be looking especially cute, so I tried to take a picture of him. And my cell phone screen went black.

And it never recovered.

My Samsung Restore served me well for 2 1/2 years.

I had already picked out my new cell phone. Which seems to be the pattern in my life that quickly leads to my old phone dying.

I am now the proud owner of a Kyocera Rise. I love my sliders. And it has a touchscreen, so it will be like my training wheels for the day when the industry no longer makes slider style phones. And now I can have APPS!

The learning curve was steep. The first night I had trouble sleeping because I had so much anxiety over trying to work my new phone.

It's an "Anxie-TEE"--Get it?  I KILL me!

It’s an “Anxie-TEE”–Get it? I KILL me!

Surprisingly, I am adapting to the touchscreen quite well. I was freaking out that I had no enter key. (Until I found it, that is…)

Now my biggest hurdle is probably trying to figure out how to maximize my battery life. I used to charge my previous phone once every 2-3 days. This phone needs a charge about every 24hrs. Oy! I guess that is the price that comes with more functions.

My new celly

My new celly

I also learned we have too darn many charging cords in our house (and some with removable USB cords as well):

1. The digital camera
2. My old cell phone
3. My new cell phone
4. Husband’s cell old phone
5. Husband’s cell new phone
6. Husband’s indoor model helicopter
7. My laptop
8. Husband’s laptop

This is mildly driving me crazy. And you might say that we no longer need the cords to our old phones. But, they all have the same input. In a pinch, we could use those on our new phones as well.

So, I took all but a few of my husband’s cords and labeled them with permanent marker and electrical tape so that I will know which cord was intended for each device. Oh, how I love electrical tape.

Hopefully, this will bring a little organization into a tech-obsessed world.

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