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Behind the Scenes: The Riley Sisters Series

I can’t wait to tell you about my next project. But before I go gung-ho on that, I had an idea for another Riley sisters post before I put them to bed. Not that I will stop talking about them completely, because (hopefully next month) they will still make up three out of four books I have available. But I thought this would be a nice way to bring a little closure to them by sharing some behind-the-scenes factoids.

  • The Wind Could Blow a Bug was always called that. I tried to rename it, but I couldn’t find anything else that fit better. And I really loved how the title came from the story, and was really the essence of it. People often comment on it, which gives me a great opportunity to explain it.
  • When You Least Expect It was first known as Kiley’s Turn. I had never intended for Miley or Kiley to be more than background characters in Bug, but then I wrote the scene where they go to the mall with Jane, and that started me wondering what their future lives might look like.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For was originally called Miley’s Muddle. My son is very into Thomas the tank engine, and there was a story called Milkshake Muddle, which is where I got the alliteration from. Imagine if Miley had been covered with a milkshake in her story? Her and that movie star Mark got down doing some pretty funky things. Who knows, maybe she did!
  • US223, that is mentioned in Bug, really exists. It is the main road through Lenawee County, Michigan. I have traveled on it almost every day of my life. I could drive that road in my sleep. My mother had to travel on it to give birth to me!
Real road sign

Actual road sign

  • Dave from Expect is really my dog. She is an orange Lab/Chow mix with lots of personality. I love her to pieces and when a dog showed up in my story, it just happened to be her. Note that that book is also dedicated to her. How many crazy authors dedicate a book to their dog? Probably only me.
My Dave dog

My Dave dog

  • The worn orange counter at the convenience store really exists! I worked at a Mobil station while I was in college. I used to have to wipe down that counter every night. The store has gone through several ownership changes since then, but he counter remains. I am so happy that that store got to play such a big part in Expect.
  • Blake and Luke, workers for Travis’s catering company in Wish, were originally named Parker and Dave after my dogs. (I am really bad at coming up with names for characters.) I had already used them both previously, so they got renamed after popular country music singers, whose personalities fit the dialogue I had already written quite well.
  • The messenger bag I picture Jane carrying in Bug is the one that I had made to advertise my blog.
Official limited edition INSY messenger bag

Official limited edition INSY messenger bag

  • Alva University was named in part after my dead dad.
  • I specifically named Travis’s cafe Taste of Travis because I thought it sounded really dirty. 😛
  • There is no such place as Oakley, Alabama. I made it up. But it lives on in my heart.
My version of Oakley.

My version of Oakley.

Follow the romantic entanglements of The Riley Sisters in my books:
Be Careful What You Wish ForAVAILABLE NOW!
The Wind Could Blow a BugWHERE IT ALL BEGAN!

COVER REVEAL: Be Careful What You Wish For

I have been toiling away at my computer to get the next Riley Sisters book out into the universe as quickly as possible. I promise you, I am making progress, albeit very slowly. You know, real life gets in the way and all that. But I assure you, I am still on track for a January 2016 publication date. (Ask me next week, and I may have a different answer for you…)

If waiting for Miley’s story is killing you, then maybe a sneak peak at the cover will help. Now, you have to understand, Miley is different than her sisters Jane and Kiley. Miley is open to more exciting adventures. She isn’t really bothered by a pesky sense of responsibility. She is looking for life to be fun. Which, somehow in the pursuit of that, it kind of turns out the opposite for her.

Just to remind you, here are the juicy details:

Miley Riley always dreamed of being famous in the spotlights of Hollywood. Achieving those dreams seemed pretty unlikely coming from the Podunk farm town of Oakley, Alabama. With no talents and no college education, she had settled into her career as a party planner and sharing an apartment with her on-again, off-again boyfriend. When the movie based on her twin sister Kiley’s book begins shooting in California, Miley wastes no time in making the trip with her for a once in a lifetime vacation. Her wildest fantasies come true when she meets a dark-haired heartthrob, rising movie star Mark Tennyson. Their relationship heats up quickly, much to the chagrin of Miley’s family and best friend Travis.

When her new L.A. life begins to publicly crumble, Miley discovers who she can really count on. The road back to her real life returns her to Alabama, but will be filled with unconventional risks. Miley will learn to Be Careful What You Wish For…

I present to you, the cover Book 3 in The Riley Sisters series, Be Careful What You Wish For.

Be Careful What You Wish For by Jennifer Friess, due January 2016

Be Careful What You Wish For by Jennifer Friess, due January 2016


While I’m at it, I will mention that The Wind Could Blow a Bug and When You Least Expect It are now available on more sites and at more stores, making it easy to catch up with the other Riley Sisters before Miley’s January 2016 debut!

Bookbound Bookstore
1729 Plymouth Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48106
(734) 369-4345

Nicola’s Books
2513 Jackson Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
(734) 662-0600

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Thanks to all my readers! This would not be nearly as much fun without you!

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