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The Vicious Circle

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Life is a vicious circle. This can be demonstrated graphically.

This a doodle I created in middle school. It is based on evil Fry Guys (you know, from McDonald’s? Used to hang out with Ronald McDonald before he tried to be healthy).

From my personal collection.

It is a doodle with a deep meaning. This would probably make an awesome collage using yarn. I should make it sometime. Except my blog takes up most of my spare time. Am I rambling now? You know, doodles are just rambling thoughts that come out of your fingers instead of your mouth.

OK. I think I am done now.

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2 responses

  1. lazyhippiemama

    Mmm. Fries.

  2. Nice doodle of the Fry Guys you did there. They make wonderful memories. And again, for fast food businesses like McDonald’s, I can’t stop wishing that they bring back McDonaldland. McDonald’s was always better back when they were promoting McDonaldland. When those eateries do away with that McDonaldland theme, it makes the place less exciting and that there’s nothing to expect but food. McDonald’s should get their act together and bring back McDonaldland once and for all.

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