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What I Learned This Week – 6/3/12

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I learned from the Yahoo! homepage news feed what will be the next terrible disease to kill us all: Chagas. The headline called it “The New AIDS”. A bug bites your face and give you the parasite. If undetected and not treated very early, it will cause your heart and/or intestines to swell up and explode! The article says “More than 8 million people have been infected by Chagas, most of them in Latin and Central America. But more than 300,000 live in the United States.” The good news is that it isn’t spread sexually. But it can be spread from mother to baby and through blood transfusions.

While I respect Mother Nature’s efforts in the area of population control, this sounds HORRIBLE!

I am a bit of a hypochondriac! This is TERRIBLE NEWS!!!

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  1. Thanks for freaking me out with this news flash!!! Yikes!
    Interesting tidbit.

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