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What I Learned This Week – 5/11/14

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This week a big, momentous achievement was reached in my goal toward self-publishing my own book.

I printed it out.

The longest story that I have ever written and printed, to date.

The longest story that I have ever written and printed, to date.

I know, that sounds really stupid.

In high school, I used to print out my stories all the time. But,

1. I didn’t have a computer at home to edit them on, so I had to use the hard copy.
2. My stories were short enough that I could print them out repeatedly.

My husband incorrectly assumed that because I printed out my story, that it was done. He questioned me when he saw I was immediately writing and editing on my newly printed pages.

No, it is not done. But, the achievement is in that it got to the stage where I needed to look at it on something other than a computer screen. And, I felt that it was worthy of “wasting” 115 pages of paper and ink to print it off. My husband is not a writer. He doesn’t understand my convoluted stages of writing, or the value I put on our limited supply of ink and paper.

I will revise, edit, and put away this draft, while I then proceed to do some preliminary editing on books 2 and 3 in the trilogy. Afterall, I need to make sure that the details and characters are consistent through all three books. Then, I will come back to book 1, update the file, and proofread it.

When I print it out the next time, I will tie my asbestos friend to a chair, hold her eyelids open, and force her to read it. And if she gives me any negative feed back, I will shock her with my dog’s shock collar.

But don’t tell her that.

Unfortunately, I also learned this week that 5 of the 12 TV shows I regularly watch will not be back next year. The following shows were cancelled this week. Some have links to other posts you can click through and read more about that show.

The Tomorrow People (This has consistently been one of my most popular posts for the last few months.)
Super Fun Night

Most are not surprises, but I will miss them anyway. I believe that Star-Crossed and The Tomorrow People were The CW’s attempts at putting some of that special effect heavy, super-hero type stuff that plays well in the theater on their channel. And they were really well done. But, I think already having shows like Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, and The Orignals, The CW probably just couldn’t keep up the special effects budges on all those shows. The CW will have to stick to cheaper shows, such as Hart of Dixie. Which is a real shame. These two shows were like reading a short sci-fi teen romance novel each week, except better, because you could just watch it. They were the perfect shows for me. Or maybe I was the perfect audience for them.

The fact that ABC cancelled Super Fun Night isn’t shocking. ABC never really promoted it, and therefore it never found an audience. It was a nice little bit of escape on Wednesday nights that I enjoyed, along with actor Kevin Bishop who played Richard Royce. Now he will be off on his business trip to Berlin, indefinitely:(

I loved the first two seasons of Surburgatory, but it was just off this season and never regained it’s footing. I hope the series finale will find Ryan and Tessa reunited. In real life, that relationship wouldn’t work. But I think the actors both have chemistry and I like to watch it.

Ryan & Tessa breaking up on Suburgatory

Ryan & Tessa breaking up on Suburgatory

And it is possible that Ryan could show up on Suburgatory again, now that the actor who plays him, Parker Young, have more spare time, as the show he left Suburgatory to co-star in, Enlisted, has now been canceled by FOX as well. I was never a fan of the army setting, but the cast was great. Playing the other two Hill brothers were Geoff Stults (of the cancelled “October Road”, which I own the DVDs of both seasons) and Chris Lowell (who I just recently got to watch as Piz on the cancelled “Veronica Mars”).

Here is to hoping that all these fine actors find new shows in which to star in future television pilot seasons.

Oh, how cool would it be if they ALL ended up in the same show together!

Mind blown.

Watch The Tomorrow People – Tonight

I wrote a post about The Tomorrow People in December, and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular on my blog, receiving hits daily.

The Tomorrow People is one of those shows on the ratings bubble, that may or may not get renewed for a second season.

There are so few shows that I actually enjoy watching these days, especially since I avoid reality shows, except for Cake Boss.  I really hope that this one survives.

The Tomorrow People will be on tonight at at 9:00PM EST on the CW.  It can also be watched the day after on  Here is a preview of tonight’s episode:

And here is my December post.  Give it a read, if you haven’t already:

The Writers of “The Tomorrow People” Can Read My Mind

The Tomorrow People is the best show ever!

[Note: Spoilers ahead.  Proceed with caution.]



Well, not really.  But every week it has surprised me by getting better.  As I don’t get The CW network through my cable company, I have to watch it on their website.  Which actually works out better for me, because then I can watch it at my leisure.

The Tomorrow People is about a group of 20-somethings who have special powers.  Their powers seem to sort of depend on what they need for that episode.  The show is centered about Stephen Jameson, played by Robbie Amell, who is supposed to still be in High School, even though he looks 25 (Amell actually is 25).  Stephen is torn between joining the cool, subway station dwelling Tomorrow People and working for the organization his evil Uncle leads that wants to take away the Tomorrow People’s powers.  And, being the star of the show, Stephen’s powers seem to be above and beyond everyone else’s for a mysterious reason we have yet to discover.

Ya, the premise is a little wonky.  And no one seems to notice every week that Stephen is playing for both sides.  But I truly like the characters (the male ones, anyway), and I am invested in their lives.  Stephen has a token black girl best friend, the human who isn’t supposed to know that a world with secret powers exists.  She is also hopelessly in love with him, and he is totally clueless.  There is also Cara, the head chick in the underground Tomorrow People organization.  I don’t like her.  She seems like she has secrets.  And is snotty.  And not pretty enough for every man on the show to be in love with her.

Why is it a really good show?  Because the guys on it look like this:

Luke Mitchell as John Young Photo:

Luke Mitchell as John Young

And it is especially good because it doesn’t make me wait around for things to happen, in that soap opera way TV shows used to do.  TV writers have apparently figured out that we want immediate gratification.

I thought it would be forever before token black friend-who-is-a-girl (I really don’t remember her name at all) discovered Stephen’s powers.  Nope.  Episode 3.

Stephen and Cara have a spark between them.  But she is with John, the hot blond.  I thought it would be ages before her and Stephen got together.  Nope, episode 6!  And not a kiss that leads to nothing either.  They kissed, then totally had sex!  (Although it happened between episodes.  Convenient.)

I thought it would take a while for Stephen to figure out that his black friend (Astrid, I looked it up), had the total hots for him.  Nope.  Episode 7.

I was watching Episode 7, “Limbo”, and seeing this love triangle that the writers had set up between Stephen, Cara, and John.  Remember, I don’t like Cara.  My first thought was, “Man, they should have Stephen and John kiss.  That would be hot.”  Instead, they got into a big fight.  I thought, “Well, that is almost as good.”  By the end of the episode?  You guessed it!


Well, not quite.  Technically John was giving Stephen CPR after he had nearly drowned.  But this technicality was not lost on the writers, who had John say to Cara later in the episode: Well, technically, now we have both made out with Stephen.

John giving Stephen CPR Photo:

John giving Stephen CPR

Mark Pellegrino plays the evil uncle.  I still haven’t gotten over him playing Aiden’s maker on Being Human.  Apparently he played Jacob on “Lost” as well (long after i quit watching it).  He just plays creepy so well.  He is so mean that you just wish all the Tomorrow People had the chance to kick the crap out of him.  Guess what?  That is Episode 8!  There the writers go reading my mind again.

There is even a creepy missing father/head of the underground mystery the writers are revealing to us one piece at a time.  Kind of like a Scooby-Doo mystery, without the adorable talking Great Dane.

It is also really good because I think Robbie Amell looks a lot like Hal Sparks.  And I love me some Hal Sparks.

Robbie Amell and Hal Sparks

Robbie Amell and Hal Sparks

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