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Things That I Wish Were Better Than They Actually Are

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Are you ever disappointed in something? You were so excited to see or get something, and then it was just a big letdown? Here are a few of my personal examples.

My number one example of this is the movie The Lake House, starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. I love me some Sandra Bullock (especially in Miss Congeniality, The Proposal, and of course, While You Were Sleeping). I love me some Keanu Reeves (Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, Point Break). I love me some Sandra and Keanu together (Speed). I love me some romantic movie (Hope Floats, Sweet Home Alabama). But The Lake House? I always finish it with a big “Eh”. It just is never the movie that I wish it could be. I keep watching it, hoping it will turn out better next time. But it doesn’t. It even has a dog, which usually makes any movie better.

Maybe the Time Travel confuses me too much. Or maybe the leads lack the right chemistry? Or a bad director? Or the cover art on the DVD case is too teal? There is a chance that it is because I could never seriously believe Sandra Bullock as a doctor. I have some trouble believing her as a bitch in The Proposal. But she raps and gets to kiss Ryan Reynolds, so I let it slip.

I also feel this way every Monday when I watch the CW show Hart of Dixie. In my house, it is known as the bad doctor show.

I will say: Honey, I want to watch something at 9PM. But it is the bad doctor show.

Honey will say: Aw, that show with the female doctor. That is the only show you watch I really can’t stand.

So, why do I keep watching it, do you ask? Well, at first I thought it was because I was waiting for Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) to come to her senses and quit pining over George and pick the wonderful (if hillbilly) Wade (Wilson Bethel). But then I realized Wade is way too good for Zoe. Zoe is rude to him like all the time. Then I thought I was watching it because Jamie Pressley is so good on there. Then I remember I am watching Jaime King doing a damn good Jamie Pressley impression. (Am I the only one who remembers when she went by James King and dated Kid Rock?) Then I thought maybe I was waiting for Zoe to leave town and the show could go on without her featuring the rest of the quirky cast going about their daily Bluebell business. But, then I realized the truth. Being that the show was created by Josh Swartz and Stephanie Savage (of The O.C. fame) and stars Bilson, I am just waiting for her to snap in one episode and turn back into Summer Roberts, the character she played on The O.C.

Yes, I have trouble letting go.

That leaves me to my third major repeated disappointment. Hello Kitty licensed products. Just the sight of Hello Kitty’s face brings a smile to my face. It lifts me up on a low day. So, I feel like if I surround myself with Sanrio products featuring her image, that I will be a happier person living a happier life. Except that Sanrio licenses her image to horrible manufacturers! After I had a Hello Kitty sandwich maker that was useless due to the absence of a floating hinge, I made a new life rule never to buy anything else with Hello Kitty’s image. If I can help it. Most recently I slipped and bought a Hello Kitty soap dispenser. As it didn’t have a barcode on it, I believe Meijer incorrectly gave me a deal on it. I figured “How wrong can you go designing a liquid soap dispenser?” It turns out it is rounded on the bottom. Oy. On the bright side, they say we shouldn’t use anti-bacterial soap because it will create super bugs. I told my asbestos friend that I was pretty sure the pink, glittery, bubble-gum scented soap that comes out of Hello Kitty isn’t anti-bacterial. Her comment? “It probably isn’t even soap!”

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  1. lazyhippiemama

    What about Samsung tvs? I wish the show Warehouse 13 was better than it is. I love the concept so I watch it, thinking that THIS time it’s going to be great. But it isn’t. I feel your pain.

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