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What I Learned This Week – 8/11/13

Recently, we went to The Monroe County Fair nearby. This is what I learned:

At The Fair

At The Fair

There is a definite reason the Lenawee County Fair is called “Michigan’s Oldest Fair” and the Monroe County Fair is known as “Michigan’s Finest Fair”.

Touching a real, live Wallaby is just as awesome as I had always dreamed. (Now I just have to figure out how to get one in my home as a pet.)

A sheep will try to eat anything, including my shirt. While I am still wearing it.

Kids love Tow Mater from Disney/Pixar’s Cars as a cartoon and as toys, but in real life he is scary. (My kid was not the only one who was too scared to stand by his giant buck teeth, which were as big as the children’s heads!)

The Little Smokey steam train that gives rides around the parking lot is a lot rougher ride now than it used to be 15 years ago. (It could not possibly be because I have gotten 15 years OLDER.)

My kid loves riding the ponies.

It is actually possible to go to the fair and have a good time and not spend much money. (Especially when your child is too short to ride the carnival rides :/ )

Chocolate covered bacon is BETTER than I could have imagined. (Note to Self: Figure out how to make it at home myself.)

What I Learned This Week – 5/19/13

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This week I learned that my son finds it very amusing when my mother swears.


Now, just to fill everyone in, I learned after the birth of my son, M, that if I took him with us when I took my mom for her weekly shopping, we would both stay in a better mood.

I had to take my mom shopping on Thursday night. I had worked all day and had a rough time completing my shift end paperwork, so I was in a very foul mood. My mom was in her usual “all negative” mood.

I took her shopping at Walmart, which is usually not her regular store. So, she had no idea where anything was. I hadn’t planned on buying anything, but I did pick up some large items, such as dog food and a multi-pack of papertowels.

When we loaded up my Pontiac Aztek, my mother complained, as she often does, that my car is not big enough. Now, mind you, this a car that I once used to transport items for my first-ever garage sale. I had the first 25 years of my life stacked floor to ceiling in the Aztek, and it all fit. Now, with the back seats in, there is less space. And a child seat takes up half the backseat. But, trust me, there is still oodles of space in that car. And there should be totally sufficient space for her WEEKLY shopping. That woman buys more in a week for herself than we do for a family of three.

At this time, since it was after I got out of work, it was very late and M was now in a bad/tired mood as well.

When my mom was trying to get the last of her stuff out of my backseat, the plastic bag ripped and she had trouble trying to catch her 2-liter pop bottles as they rolled under the seat. She started to swear up a blue streak. She was sooo p*ssed off.

Then M, who had been crying and whining up to this point, started to giggle at her. And he has a totally adorable 2 1/2 year old giggle. This, in turn, made my mother laugh.

It was very amusing that he found her hissy fit so entertaining.

It also reminded me why we take him along with us.

And maybe why she is still around when the doctor told her she should be dead in 2007.  For moments like that.

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