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Blatant Product Endorsement: BRACH’S BRIDGE MIX

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While in college, I worked as a retail sales associate at one of the two gas stations in my hometown.

Sometimes it was stressful working with the general public. Other times it was boring when the stream of customers hit a lull. It was cleaning, stocking, food handling, cash register, and balancing the end of shift paperwork. It was a lot of work for little pay. It was also probably the funnest job I have ever had.

Since I can't find a picture of the gas station I worked at, here is a picture of me headed off to work, in my uniform shirt. My mom took this picture without my consent, so yes that is the face of someone saying the f-word to their mother:)

Since I can’t find a picture of the gas station I worked at, here is a picture of me headed off to work, in my uniform shirt. My mom took this picture without my consent, so yes that is the face of someone saying the f-word to their mother:)

One reason was I had a lot of freedom to spend my time however I wanted. That is how I discovered my love of finding expired food products (more about that in a future post). I sometimes mixed up the cleaning products to make a streaming mystery floor mopping solution (hey, my trainer showed me that!). I got to make sale signs on the computer using clip art. I got to hang seasonal decorations from atop a very tall, rickety, non-OSHA approved ladder.

It was also fun when I would close the store, then stay up all night with my friends, then drive by the store 5 hours later to wave high to the manager, who opened. He would shake his head in disapproval and say things like “You haven’t even been to bed yet, have you?” (Note: The manager was only like 3 years older than me, and in college as well.) Ya, those are the amazing things a college student can do with the magic of youth.

One day a week the grocery stock would arrive. I usually worked the closing shift, so my job was to price (yes, we still did that back in the ye olde days of my college years) and put out as much of the stock as I could before close. It was kind of exciting because sometimes we would get in new products.

Who would be the first to try the new kind of chips or candy?


I learned that moon pies are gross–a lesson I have not forgotten to this day.

I learned that Charleston Chew is only good if it is fresh and chewy. I also learned this is almost impossible because it doesn’t stay fresh for long, even while still sealed in the package.

I also learned about the wonder that is BRACH’S BRIDGE MIX!

Brach's Bridge Mix Photo:

Brach’s Bridge Mix

I was restocking the Bridge Mix one day and took the time to actually read the package. I had just assumed it was reserved for little old ladies playing the card game Bridge. I had always gone for brand name, flashy packaged chocolate treats, like Hershey’s or Nestle or Reese’s.

But Brach’s Bridge Mix contained a variety of yummy things. Cremes, caramels, peanuts, cashews, raisins, cherry jellies.


How did the little old ladies keep this a secret from the rest of the world for so long?

People should be giving this out for Trick or Treat on Halloween!

I have been hooked on Bridge Mix ever since that day. If you like chocolate and you haven’t tried it yet, you should. It is a chocolate lover’s dream come true. It is like a box of chocolates, but without having to guess which fillings you will like and the cumbersome box.

Surprise! I actually like all the fillings in Bridge Mix. [For more on what I will and won’t eat, click here.] I am not crazy about cashews, but I will eat them. I think the white creams are supposed to be coconut (and I don’t like coconut), but it isn’t strong enough to bother me.

I will note that fresh bags are much better than older ones. If you bite into a cream and it breaks, rather than gives, you should possibly lodge a complaint for your money back with the company.

My Life Rules – Part 1

No eating Taco Bell after 9pm. It has gastric consequences. Also, I might turn into a gremlin;)

Whoever drives the car should get to control the radio. Maybe my mom used that one on me as a teenager. I can’t remember.

No good deed goes unpunished.

I am on the path to my greatest good. That which is mine cannot be taken from me. From my asbestos friend, channeling Florence Scovel Shinn. Sort of like “you can’t lose what ain’t your’s.”

One I had in high school was something like “Remember you are always the ugliest person alive, ever.” As you may have guessed, that was the height of my self-esteem.

Don’t let the dogs into the backyard unleashed, without direct supervision. Sometimes you have to repeat a mistake a few times to learn from it. Like, a lot of times.

Never go to a gas station on a corner. I realize the gas station owners think it is a good idea to build them there, but it is just too hard to get in and out of them. There were only like two gas stations on my whole way to work that fit that rule.

Throw out leftovers on the fourth day. This rule has always served me well. As long as I can remember what day I made the food on:P

Am I starting to sound like that “Always Wear Sunscreen” song Baz Luhrmann put together? Well, you won’t hear me recommending that. I believe sunscreen actually causes skin cancer. Think about it. Putting chemicals on your highly porous skin just does not sound like a good idea to me. Maybe it is a secret plot by the medical community to drum up more business. I just heard on a very trustworthy, hard-hitting network news show (I think it was Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood) the other day that since people have started to wear more sunscreen, that the skin cancer rate has actually gone up. Coincidence?

Do not try to reinvent the boring grilled cheese sandwich by putting it on a metal fork and calling it a shish-ka-bob. Ouch.

Do not tell your friend that you burned yourself on a Pop-tart. She will not believe you. Even though it is totally true.

Don’t match your socks. When people ask why, say “why should they match?” This rule is only for me. It wouldn’t be special if everyone else did it:)

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