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Strange Lights In The Snow

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The following are some cool pictures I took on a snowy New Year’s Eve in Michigan.  I think the year was 2007.  They are long exposures of cars driving by.  I felt they needed to be shared with the world.

World, Enjoy!




Artsy Fartsy Photos From Our Trip Today To Sharon Mills

Sharon Mills County Park, near Manchester, Michigan. Look at this place. Could ANYONE take a bad picture here?

The “race” for the hydroelectric generator.

My cutey-patootey looking at the hydroelectric generator.

Sunshine coming in the doors.

I loves me some french doors.

The instructions on the handle make me giggle.

More awesome sunshine.

I was really into doors today.

Just a few leaves hanging on for dear life.

Perfectly framed.

Crap growing on a tree.

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