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My Crazy Mix Tape That Should Make The CD Player Explode

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My heart will always belong to analog <3 Photo:

My heart will always belong to analog ❤

I know. You are probably asking why I am still putting songs onto CDs. Because:

1. My car is from 2003 and doesn’t have a mp3 plug-in.  (And I like to listen to music in my car.)

2. There is a great station close by called 89X that plays great alternative music, but causes interference with wireless mp3 transmitters.

3. My iPod is one of the tiny ones with no screen, so I can’t really create “playlists” for it like you can on fancier models.

4. Sometimes I just want to listen to the same 17 songs over and over again.

And I would still be putting songs onto cassette tapes, if that was at all feasible anymore.

There are songs on here from 1994 to 2013. All freshly purchased from iTunes this year. (The ones from 1994 and 1998 I wanted to purchase back then on CD, but I was a poor college student. I figured I would wait until someday when I had more money. I still don’t have any more money, but I think I have waited long enough. I think 19 years is long enough for delayed gratification.)

There are songs from different genres. From Pop to Alternative to Dance to Rap to Christian. (If a Taylor Swift song had made it on this CD, I would have country as well.) I am sure Avril LaVigne wouldn’t want to be on a CD with Selena Gomez. I am sure Macklemore probably has no idea who Evan Taubenfeld is. I’m sure tobyMac never thought he would be on a CD with Courtney Love. Anna Kendrick never expected to hear herself on the radio, period. And I’m sure Courtney Love doesn’t want to be on a CD with ANY of these people.

Ain't they purdy? Photo:

Ain’t they purdy?

Some of this potpourri can be blamed on the local radio station that I listen to for local news. They play music, but have no real format. (This coming from a girl who has a B.A. in Radio…and TV.) Also, I am exposed to some of the current pop songs while working at my job at the mall. Hear (or see) something enough times, you begin to like it.

With no further ado, here is what I a listening to now:

Divergent Summer 2013

1. Here’s to Never Growing Up – Avril Lavigne [Pop] 2013
2. Cups (Pitch Perfect’s “When I’m Gone”) – Anna Kendrick [Pop] 2013
3. Steal My Show – tobyMac [Christian] 2012
4. Come & Get It – Selena Gomez [Pop] 2013
5. Never Gonna Happen – Colette Carr [Pop] 2013
6. Like I Got a Gun (feat. YG) – Colette Carr [Pop] 2013
7. Best Years Of Our Lives (ft. Avril Lavigne) – Evan T [Pop] 2011
8. Pumpkin Pie – Evan Taubenfeld [Pop] 2009
9. Boy Meets Girl – Evan Taubenfeld [Pop] 2009
10. The Story of Me And You – Evan Taubenfeld [Pop] 2009
11. F16 – Colette Carr [Pop] 2013
12. I Love Kev Nish – Colette Carr [Pop] 2013
13. (We Do It) Primo – Colette Carr [Pop] 2013
14. Can’t Touch This (feat. E-40) – Colette Carr [Pop] 2013
15. Jimmy Iovine (feat. Ab-Soul) – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis [Hip Hop/Rap] 2012
16. And We Danced (feat. Ziggy Stardust) – Macklemore [Hip Hop/Rap] 2009
17. Celebrity Skin – Hole [Rock] 1998
18. Awful – Hole [Rock] 1998
19. Boys on the Radio – Hole [Rock] 1998
20. Miss World – Hole [Alternative] 1994
21. Asking for It – Hole [Alternative] 1994

What I Learned This Week – 6/30/13

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Apparently, I learned a lot this week.

I learned that I might like the artist Colette Carr. I originally checked her out on YouTube because I saw a pic of her with multi-colored hair. I wanted to know what she sounded like. She is lots of autotune, but also very cute, has bright clothes, some snarky lyrics, and dancey beats. I like to think I looked like her in my 20s. I didn’t. I wish I still looked like her. Here is a cool song by her.
NOTE: Contains explicit language. (Like, all through the song, including the title.)

I also learned that I am not the only one who has thought all these years that Avril Lavigne and her lead guitarist should get together. I think I started thinking that when I watched an MTV day-in-the-life special about her. Avril and her guitarist, Evan Taubenfeld, seemed very snuggily and friendly and oh so cute together. Here is a link to a couple videos featuring them.
NOTE: Contains angsty pop lyrics.

I also added a new page to I’m not stalking you. It is called What I Support. I plan to add causes to it from time to time. I am sure there are more I forgot. It lets you know a little more about what mental and emotional place in the universe I am working from.

I learned at work there is something called a “Gold Star Award” that the manager can give out for employees who go ‘above and beyond’. Ever since, I have been consumed by thinking about how I could win one of those. I really miss Academic Awards ceremonies from when I was in high school. They made me feel like a rock star! (Well, not really. But it was nice to feel recognized for my achievements. “Rock star” just makes it sound more glamorous…) They had similar awards at the last place I worked. But when I started there were 1200 employees in the building! And I did not have a job that screamed ‘above and beyond’ potential. By the time the place got down to a third of that amount of employees, they had stopped giving out awards:( When the place closed, I was fortunate enough to provide a home for one of my favorite ex-boss’s awards. (While we were alike in many ways, he did not treasure his awards as I would. Just sayin’.) My current job doesn’t scream ‘above and beyond’ potential either, but I have lots of extra time to craft a way to try and make that happen.  And I have fewer employees to compete with.

Hand-me-down award

Hand-me-down award

I also learned that it is AWESOME to go spy on the filming of a movie. They were shooting a scene for Transformers 4 in my backyard (OK, actually 20 minutes down the road). My son and I went down and watched for about an hour before I had to go to work. Of course we weren’t able to get near the actual set. But we were able to stand across the road from where they were moving the cars in and out. I took lots of pictures. Here are a few.

Optimus Prime!

Optimus Prime!

I was told this was a Lamborghini

I was told this was a Lamborghini

Stunt man?

Stunt man?

The proof is on the rented truck...

The proof is on the rented truck…

This video is taken by someone I don’t know, but is way more awesome than any of the pictures I took. Enjoy.
NOTE: Bitchin’ explosions.

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