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One Degree of Twilight-Part 3

This man chased me across a stage.

This is my final installment in my three part Twilight blog extravaganza in honor of the final Twilight Saga movie, Breaking Dawn-Part 2, coming out this week. The story I’m about to tell you happened on Saturday, November 14, 2009. It was a week before New Moon, the second Twilight Saga movie was to hit theaters.

My asbestos friend and I, and her five year old daughter, all took a trip (about an hour) to Monroe, Michigan. I had heard that Peter Facinelli was to appear at the Frenchtown Square Mall. Facinelli, of course, plays the impossibly handsome and young Dr. Carlisle Cullen, the acting father of the Cullen clan of vampires.

Peter was due to arrive around noon. I believe we got there around 7:00AM. We were 30-50 people back from the door. I thought that was pretty darn good. As I remember, we ate snacks and played and talked and my friend’s daughter, MV, danced around. The line got so long it spread all the way in front of the mall, the Target attached to it, to the corner of the building.

When the mall opened, we got to go inside and wait like cattle being herded to the barn. The mall was having some sort of re-dedication ceremony, so there were a few chairs set up. We were so close to the front that we took turns sitting down in the chairs for a rest. When we looked back, the line went all the way back through half the mall, turned left down a hallway, and what we assumed (correctly) was right out the outside doors. The crowd was mostly teenagers, with some mothers there with their younger pre-teens.

The mall played music while we waited. They played “Party in the U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus. I sang along (I admit, I really like that song.). A few other girls did too. Then “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift came on. The whole freakin’ joint was singing along, way more so than with Miley’s song. That is when I realized the awesome power of The Swift. It was pretty moving sharing this experience and hearing all those voices unite as one.

Then Peter Facinelli showed up! He was way cuter in person than I had anticipated and looked much better with his natural dark hair than with the artificial blond of Carlisle. He spoke for a few minutes. Talked about how the money you paid to get his autograph or a picture with him was going to a good cause.

I was planning on paying for an autograph, but my asbestos friend was not. (What a great friend to have come all that way just to stand with me…and see PFach in person.) I had brought my hardcover Twilight book to get autographed. My thought process was, as I meet people from the film, I could have each one sign a different page in it. It would serve as my official Twilight autograph book. (As of November 2012, only one page is autographed:(

There was an organizer girl standing at the top of the stairs, seemingly guarding the stage from the hormone hoard awaiting their turn. She was the woman with all the power…or so she thought. See, my friend was like “Why don’t you take MV up with you onto the stage when you get your book signed?” I agreed. The organizer girl must have been the one to take my money too. She was like “Only one autograph, correct?” eyeing MV suspiciously. Surrrrrre, lady. Whatever you say. But Peter had other ideas.

I got up on the stage and I think Peter chatted with MV for a minute. She was shyly peeking over the table he was signing on. I think he asked her if she was a vampire and was going to bite him. He probably liked her outfit, because she was dressed up so darn cute that day. I got my autograph. We began to walk across the stage to the exit. Then it happened.

Peter Facinelli, movie star, chased me across the stage.

He wanted to know if MV wanted an autograph too.

Bingo. MV’s cuteness had worked like a charm. It helped that Peter had 3 little girls at home himself.

Of course, some might say he was chasing MV across the stage. That is now how I tell it.

So, we walked back over to the table and he used one of his pictures from the stack he had of Dr. Cullen and autographed it for her. And she was in love!

After that, she would go to school and tell them Peter Facinelli was her boyfriend. As other kids at the bus stop debated Team Edward or Team Jacob, she would declare she was Team Peter Facinelli.

The local paper, the Monroe Evening News (I am pretty sure there hasn’t been a “Morning News” for a number of years.), reported that an estimated 2,500 fans showed up to meet Peter that day. He stayed until 8:45PM to autograph for everyone who had waited. He had been scheduled to leave at 4:00PM.

I always worry about going to events like that how everything will work out—-parking, waiting, standing, eating, bathroom, etc. But usually it all works out pretty well. And if I am obsessed at the time with whatever it is I am attending (ex. 2008 Obama Campaign stop in Detroit, MI), that helps win out over the anxiety that would otherwise keep me away.

At the time I was a viewer of’s webcast for 8 hrs every day. They had a call out for people to submit their Twilight-inspired photos and videos. I submitted my stuff, and someone from CNN contacted me about verifying the info. It got approved as part of their “iReport” series.

You can view it here:

Maybe my blog will be chosen for media for release of the final movie. A girl can dream.

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Casey Anthony Trial

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I could never serve on the jury of the Casey Anthony trial. I have believed she was guilty from the beginning. I have followed this case from the beginning. I used to hear about it on the Live webcast (I miss you Reggie, Naamua, and the rest…..), as I live in Michigan, not Florida, & do not have CNN on my cable plan. They used to show clips from the Nancy Grace show (I still am not clear on her motives). And I was watching Live live when they found Caylee’s remains in the swamp in Florida. Heart-breaking.

I watch parts of the trial daily on, from the jury selection up til today’s testimony by Casey’s brother. So far, everything I heard on the news is what I am hearing as testimony in court. Over & over, you hear what seems like proof of Casey’s lying. I loved Tuesday when they asked the mom about people/things Casey talked about all the time–the nanny, friends, boyfriends, jobs–who under police investigation have been proved to never have existed.

Casey seems like a smart girl, if most likely an habitual liar. So, why, if her daughter went missing, would she “conduct her own investigation”? And just when was she conducting this search, if she was busy living at her boyfriend’s apartment & going out to clubs. Oh right, maybe the 8hrs a day that she lied & said she was at work. If you were really conducting such a search, even if you didn’t tell people, wouldn’t you search like 16 hours a day? The people near Casey at the time have testified that she seemed happy, not worried or scared, never said anything about her daughter being missing. She told everyone Caylee was at the nanny’s. The question everyone forgot to ask was: How does a party girl in her early 20’s afford a nanny?

All the phone calls I have heard between Casey & her mother sound like me & my mother. A strained relationship. I believe that Casey felt that her mother loved Caylee more than her. Which, could very possibly have been true. It seems really easy for me to believe that Casey wanted to party, wanted her mother off her back, wanted her mother to love her more than Caylee, and did something about it. If it isn’t the true story, it sure makes for a very obvious one. Unlike….

The Defense, where she was molested as a child & it scarred her so bad now that when her daughter dies in a drowning accident, she tells no one? Anything is possible, but I can’t bring myself to believe that one. During the month Caylee was missing & only Casey knew, she said Caylee was happily with the nanny. Then the story was that the nanny kidnapped her. Now she drowned in a pool? Being proven in court as a liar, it makes it very hard to believe any of her stories.

To watch daily yourself, go to

Or then click on Live on

I can’t wait to see how this one comes out. Actually, I can. If Casey Anthony gets off, I will be one p*ssed puppy.

It is also good to watch the trail to see how court actually is conducted, unlike on Law & Order or Judge Judy.

Oh, and I frickin’ love this judge! He is a jolly African-American fellow with a southern drawl. He really makes the trial!

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