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A Friday post? Gosh, I haven’t seen one of those roll through in a long time.

But, it is a special occasion.

Ah!  A ghost!  A Charlie Brown ghost.

Ah! A ghost! A Charlie Brown ghost.


Avril Lavigne.  Best part is they are all my own clothes...

Avril Lavigne. Best part is they are all my own clothes…

And if everything is going according to plan, which it never does, I should be leaving work early and heading home right about now.

I think he might be a little scared...

I think he might be a little scared…

The weather forecast in Michigan could not be worse for Trick-or-Treating. There will be rain, wind, cold temperatures, and maybe snow.

...of my custom Mr. Ugly-Man pumpkin.

…of my custom Mr. Ugly-Man pumpkin.

Have a safe, fun night. I know I will be ending mine with a nice, hot pizza.

Mr. Ugly-Man

Mr. Ugly-Man is the cartoon character I created myself. I can draw him very quickly, like when I would see Charles M. Shultz draw Charlie Brown or Snoopy. Mr. Ugly-Man has no TV show or movie. Yet.

This is my most favorite Mr. Ugly-Man pic.

Mr. Ugly-Man was born in a 9th grade Algebra class. The teacher (who, by the way, was the worst teacher I ever had) had hung up a sign by the door. I think it said “Free Books” or something. So, in the double O’s, I drew eyeballs and evil eyebrows. The face, hair, and body all came later.

I love Mr. Ugly-Man. I have always dreamed of getting him put on a T-shirt. When I used to make mix tapes, I would use the name “Mr. Ugly-Man” for my make-believe production company. Hasn’t everyone considered what their make-believe music production company should be named? (Oh…You say you haven’t? Uh, never mind.) I wanted Mr. Ugly-Man to become a cultural icon, like Fido Dido. (Oh…You don’t remember him? Uh, never mind.)

As I have never before had a platform to introduce Mr. Ugly-Man to the world, other than meeting doodles, I figured I would feature him in my blog. Enjoy*

*And don’t steal him, or I will sue your ass.

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Santa Claus is coming to…the hospital.

So, my son is having surgery again for his kidney condition this week. Yep, the week of Christmas.

What do you want for Christmas little boy? Oh, a successful Left Pyeloplasty.

What he really needs for Christmas is for this surgery to work this time. To cure his condition for the rest of his life.

What my son really needs, is…


Like how Charlie Brown’s little Christmas tree grew more branches as his friends fondled it and found the true meaning of Christmas. Like how Rudolph’s friends learned his nose had a use and quit bullying him. Like how the Grinch found the spirit of Christmas and quit bullying the Who’s down in Who-ville. Like how Mary Steenburgen finds the spirit of Christmas and her family becomes not dead anymore in One Magic Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings everyone. Hope Santa finds your house easily this year and finds us at the hospital.

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