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Mr. Ugly-Man

Mr. Ugly-Man is the cartoon character I created myself. I can draw him very quickly, like when I would see Charles M. Shultz draw Charlie Brown or Snoopy. Mr. Ugly-Man has no TV show or movie. Yet.

This is my most favorite Mr. Ugly-Man pic.

Mr. Ugly-Man was born in a 9th grade Algebra class. The teacher (who, by the way, was the worst teacher I ever had) had hung up a sign by the door. I think it said “Free Books” or something. So, in the double O’s, I drew eyeballs and evil eyebrows. The face, hair, and body all came later.

I love Mr. Ugly-Man. I have always dreamed of getting him put on a T-shirt. When I used to make mix tapes, I would use the name “Mr. Ugly-Man” for my make-believe production company. Hasn’t everyone considered what their make-believe music production company should be named? (Oh…You say you haven’t? Uh, never mind.) I wanted Mr. Ugly-Man to become a cultural icon, like Fido Dido. (Oh…You don’t remember him? Uh, never mind.)

As I have never before had a platform to introduce Mr. Ugly-Man to the world, other than meeting doodles, I figured I would feature him in my blog. Enjoy*

*And don’t steal him, or I will sue your ass.

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