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NEW RELEASE! When You Least Expect It

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Caffeine? Mountain Dew-check.
Sugar? Hostess little chocolate donuts-check.
Happy pills? St. John’s Wort-check.

The breakfast of champions.

Well, I guess I am ready. Seems it is time to publish a second book.


Now presenting:

When You Least Expect It by Jennifer Friess

When You Least Expect It by Jennifer Friess

When You Least Expect It
The Riley Sisters Book 2
By Jennifer Friess
Fiction—New Adult / Young Adult Contemporary Romance
ISBN-13: 978-0692452165
Available Now on in Paperback and eBook.

Haven’t yet read The Wind Could Blow a Bug-Book 1, you say?

Well hop on over now and snap it up while it is ON SALE NOW for only $.99! Limited Time Only.

Kiley Riley seems to have it all. Fresh out of college, she is a successful author with a perfectly pleasing boyfriend. The only thing her life is lacking is an idea for her next novel. She heads back home to Alabama for the holidays, and the birth of her sister Jane’s baby. Things soon become complicated when caring for the baby becomes more appealing than writing. It doesn’t help matters that they are all staying in the overcrowded farm house of the Tucker family, royalty in their small town. As Kiley stays up late struggling for inspiration, she frequently has run-ins with the other resident night owl, Josh Tucker.

Looking scruffy with a reputation for trouble, Josh has something to hide. Kiley tries to keep her distance, but is drawn into his world. She will learn the hard way that actions have consequences, and sometimes everything you thought that you wanted just isn’t enough. Kiley discovers that you find love When You Least Expect It

Thank you to everyone who has supported me. I know it is a crazy dream, this writing thing. Somedays I feel like a rock star. Today I mostly feel nervous, but very proud of this book. It doubled in size during the revision process, and it is the better for it. Hope you enjoy it. As always, sharing my mildy entertaining random thoughts with you.

Follow the romantic entanglements of The Riley Sisters in my books When You Least Expect It & The Wind Could Blow a Bug AVAILABLE NOW!

PURCHASE as a Paperback or eBook on TODAY.

Sneak Peek

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Sorry I haven’t posted very frequently. I have been busy with two very important projects of late. Here is a preview of both.

I am trying my hand at interior decorating…of a 4-year-old boy’s room. The transformation is still in progress.

I can tell time. The clock on the left is defective, I swear!

I can tell time. The clock on the left is defective, I swear!

I am very close to the release of my second book, When You Least Expect It. Here is the cover, and a little taste from my favorite scene.


“So, wait. You want your dad to see you as more grown up, yet you keep doing stuff like trespassing on the water tower?” Kiley asked.

“I am trying to cut down, believe me. And we didn’t come all the way up here just to trespass.”

As Kiley looked at Josh, puzzled, he produced a can of black spray paint from the backpack. He began to shake it, the ball rattling rhythmically inside with his motion.

“Vandalism! What happens if we get caught?” Kiley exclaimed.

“That’s why we come in the dark,” Wade leaned over and drawled into her ear. “You act like it is a surprise that we can climb tall things and paint graffiti. You have seen Jane’s wedding proposal.”

“Oh ya,” Kiley replied.

Excerpt from When You Least Expect It by Jennifer Friess, coming soon.


My first book, The Wind Could Blow a Bug, is NOW AVAILABLE!

PURCHASE as a Paperback or eBook on TODAY.

[Pssst…Book 2, When You Least Expect It, is COMING SOON!]

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