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Sorry I haven’t posted very frequently. I have been busy with two very important projects of late. Here is a preview of both.

I am trying my hand at interior decorating…of a 4-year-old boy’s room. The transformation is still in progress.

I can tell time. The clock on the left is defective, I swear!

I can tell time. The clock on the left is defective, I swear!

I am very close to the release of my second book, When You Least Expect It. Here is the cover, and a little taste from my favorite scene.


“So, wait. You want your dad to see you as more grown up, yet you keep doing stuff like trespassing on the water tower?” Kiley asked.

“I am trying to cut down, believe me. And we didn’t come all the way up here just to trespass.”

As Kiley looked at Josh, puzzled, he produced a can of black spray paint from the backpack. He began to shake it, the ball rattling rhythmically inside with his motion.

“Vandalism! What happens if we get caught?” Kiley exclaimed.

“That’s why we come in the dark,” Wade leaned over and drawled into her ear. “You act like it is a surprise that we can climb tall things and paint graffiti. You have seen Jane’s wedding proposal.”

“Oh ya,” Kiley replied.

Excerpt from When You Least Expect It by Jennifer Friess, coming soon.


My first book, The Wind Could Blow a Bug, is NOW AVAILABLE!

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[Pssst…Book 2, When You Least Expect It, is COMING SOON!]

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