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Everyone keeps talking about Bruce Jenner. His mom gave an interview outing him transitioning into a women, which anyone with functioning eyes and a link to TMZ had already figured out. Now he has been in a deadly car accident. [Wo]Man just can’t stay out of the spotlight.

It seems among the most commonly discussed questions is: He is 65. Why bother with all that surgery now?

Um, what?

I feel bad for Bruce, that all these years he has felt this way, and society has finally evolved enough that he can be himself. He was all Mr. Muscles Gold-Medal winner, and I’m assuming all that time he just wanted to go home and slip on some panties. He must have felt like this for decades. No one goes through all this therapy, surgery, and public scrutiny just for a fad.

I am happy that he can finally become himself. Sixty-five is not too old. He could live another thirty-five years. Why keep denying who he really is?

But all this thinking about Bruce led me to a realization about another celebrity that everyone always thought was strange and had too much plastic surgery…

Michael Jackson.

Think about it. Michael always wore his hair long, as Bruce is now. I once heard that MJ was getting all his plastic surgery so that he could look more like Diana Ross. Sure, Ross is beautiful, but a rather strange thing for a grown man to say.

He is especially close with his sister Janet.


Everyone twisted it into some dirty, perverted thing. I do not happen to believe that.

What if maybe he was just a woman trapped in a man’s body?

Maybe that is what was really torturing him, what he was hiding from the public’s prying eyes all these years.

Maybe he just wanted to raise and nurture some kids just like most women would.

If that is the truth about Michael, I am sure some tell-all book will reveal it in the next 50 years. Just remember, you heard it here first.

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