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What I Learned This Week – 3/9/14

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I learned that monster trucks are just as great in person as I always thought they would be.  I was always fascinated with the commercials for monster truck shows.  So much so, that in my spare time at college, I made one.  (Sorry, this one is audio only*.)

My asbestos friend invited my son and I along for a girl’s night out to Monster Jam at the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio.  My son was a little scared at first.  But I had him equipped with proper hearing protection and he really got into it when the trucks did their freestyle at the end of the night.

Hearing protection a must!

Hearing protection a must!

Grave Digger (the only truck that was there that I had heard of) flipped over–twice!  That was awesome!  We got all the drivers’ autographs afterward.

Grave Digger!

Grave Digger!  He was even on fire (a little)!

I was sad that the Monster Mutt and the Scooby-Doo trucks were not there.  But I would definitely go again sometime.

On to a new subject…

Kids, when you get a new computer ALWAYS make recovery disks right away, and store in a safe, logical location.

Also, regularly back up things you care about.  Delete the things on your computer that you do not care enough to back up.  I had to have my hard drive in my laptop replaced this week, but I am VERY glad to have it back.  (FYI–I did both of those satisfactorily enough that I was not devastated by the loss.)

* To see my Oscar Mayer commercial, please click here:

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  1. I’m beginning to have suspicians about who your “asbestos friend” is. I think I recognize that little girl in the back ground! 😉

  2. You can MAKE recovery disks?! I didn’t know this! Geez. I am so incredibly computer illiterate. It’s amazing I’m able to leave a comment on your blog! I need to go to Vo-Tech or something.

    • The mini-manual that came with my laptop suggested it, or I wouldn’t have known. Yes, I actually read instruction booklets. Sometimes…

      And you know way more about the IT aspects of blogging than I ever will.

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