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What I Learned This Week – 1/26/14

[Holy F*ckin’ Sh*t. This is my 300th post!]

This week I learned that JD Roth will be executive producing the Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark Channel, airing opposite both the Super Bowl and the infamous Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

Why is this important?

Let me refresh your memory on who JD Roth is.

He was the super-cute host of the popular after-school kid’s show Fun House! Fun House aired from 1988 until 1991. Those were prime puberty years for me. If I didn’t fall asleep during DuckTales, then I was totally watching him be cute and dorky on Fun House.

JD Roth Photo: Seventeen Magazine

JD Roth
Photo: Seventeen Magazine 1988

Fun House was similar to the show Double Dare. They both had teams of kids competing in ooey-gooey slimy challenges to win prizes. I was so into these shows at the time, I even designed my own icky obstacle course. And it was so fun to design, that I kept going. And going. And going. Here is a picture of the course by the time I was done drawing it. I estimated it would take about 5 minutes and 39 seconds to get through the whole thing. I am pretty sure the kids would be dead by then.

The plans of my Double Dare course.  I had lots of spare time and creativity as a child.  Teenager.

The plans of my Double Dare course. I had lots of spare time and creativity as a child. Teenager.

Kids nowadays have no idea how easy they have it. With a flick of my mouse I can find out all the information I desire on a celebrity.

JD Roth (circa 1990's) Photo: TV Guide

JD Roth (circa 1990’s)
Photo: TV Guide

For example, I can tell you that “JD” stands for James David, and he is 8 years older than me. Which would have made me total jailbait for him back then.

These are trivial facts I have been DYING to know for years. (Ya, not really…)

He has done oodles of stuff since Fun House. Most recently he has been behind the camera executive producing such shows as The Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss.

This did not surprise me. Every now and then I will catch his name in the credits of some show and I squeal, “JD Roth! I love him!”

FYI–He has held up pretty good all these years. Maybe a little too much sun, maybe. But I still wouldn’t kick that out of bed.

JD Roth today

JD Roth today

Thank you for allowing me to be the pop culture memory jogger that you need in your life. I love the role and will cherish it always 😉

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  1. “But I still wouldn’t kick that out of bed” hahaha, me neither girl!

  2. “What is wrong with Mommy?” Now THAT quote is making me comment. Ha! Actually, I was also going to say that yea, he’s held up quite well. Also, falling asleep to Duck Tales–Totally relate to that. I remember mentioning The Odysee (how do you spell that?) to someone for some reason a few years back, and he said, “All I know about the Odysey (still wrong) I learned from Duck Tales. I totally lost it then. So true! Me too. That was a great episode!

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