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Dear Worrier

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This is a great post from The Other Courtney. She has lots of insights into sleepwalking, eczema, and anxiety. Oh, and she is damn funny too. This is a post about worrying and it sounded like something that might be helpful to me, so I printed it and am also reblogging it. I hope you find it useful too.

The Other Courtney

Last week, Isaac and I deep cleaned our house and I found an important letter stuffed in an old desk drawer. When I received it from my therapist, Ken, two years ago, it was a lifeline when I was drowning in a sea of worry and anxiety. Finding it was a good reminder of where I was and how far I’ve come. I know I will always need the letter, or rather need to remember its message, because chronic worrying is not something that just goes away – it needs to be worked at on a daily basis.

The letter is called “Dear Worrier”, and while it was probably given to hundreds of Ken’s patients, it felt like it was written solely for me.

Are you a chronic worrier? Are you maybe a chronic worrier, but don’t even realize it? I used to be. Sometimes I still am, until I…

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