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Blatant Product Endorsement: RINCINOL

Now, most everyone is probably unfamiliar with this product.

But if you get canker sores inside your mouth, then you NEED TO BE FAMILIAR WITH RINCINOL!!! (The company also recommends it for pain from irritation from braces.)

Rincinol, packaging and product

Rincinol, packaging and product

It is a wonder product!

It turns a week of pain, causing difficulty eating and talking, into three days of mild discomfort.

My canker sores are usually triggered by anxiety, stomach upset, and/or biting the inside of my cheek.

When I first got canker sores, I would put some kind of ointment (It may have been Colgate Orabase) on them. It was meant to numb the area. And it worked. But once the numbness wore off, it just felt like the sore hurt 100 times worse.

So, then I used nothing at all. Which, was painful.

Then I discovered Rincinol! I think I may have gotten a sample from my dentist.

Rincinol is great!

It is a mouthwash that you slosh in your mouth for a minute. Then spit, do not rinse. Do not eat or drink for an hour. My commute to work used to be an hour, so this wasn’t a problem. And I would use it before bed. And sometimes an hour in the middle of the day as well.

It can be used as often as you like!

Safe for children!

It tastes slightly sweet, sort of like licorice. I don’t like licorice, but I don’t find offense to it. It lightly coats everything inside of your mouth (including your mouth boo-boo) and makes it all feel like Heaven. It doesn’t numb the sore, it just coats it so that saliva and whatever else is in your mouth doesn’t irritate it for the next hour or two.

When it wears off, it will feel slightly better than before. You won’t have a sudden throbbing pain return like I had experienced with the other product.

Don’t believe my rave reviews? Check out the 4 1/2 star rating out of a possible 5 starts at

This leads me to the two negatives with this product:

1. It can be a little pricey.
But if you are in mouth pain, you will probably be prepared to pay whatever it takes to make the pain go away. A 4.0 oz bottle usually lasts me through about 3 canker sores.

2. It is hard to find.
I could only ever find it at my local Walgreens. Last time, they did not have any, so I ordered 3 bottles off (Why 3? Because the third bottle got me into free shipping.) Now I need a new supply, and as I look today, I see that is out of stock on this wonderful product:( They claim my local Walgreens will have it in stock. I will definitely be paying a visit there tomorrow to find out.

I wrote this post to pass along info about this great product. BUT ALSO because I am afraid that the company will quit making it (it has gone through several owners/manufacturers in the time I have known about it).

Try this product. If you love it, let the company know!

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