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What I Learned This Week – 12/30/2012

The Valastro Family

The Valastro Family

I learned this week that I am addicted to watching the TLC show Cake Boss. I started watching it when I was my making my son’s Thomas birthday cake to get cake-making tips. But I continue to watch Cake Boss for the people.

It is a family business and their family is huge! Being an only child, I am fascinated by watching how they negotiate their roles as family and employees (one sister doesn’t do so well at this. She is herself, and it doesn’t matter who she is interacting with). Buddy (the Cake Boss) has a very big ego, but I love it when something surprises him and his eyes bug out and he gets all worked up.

I am also addicted because I watch it on streaming Netflix and Cake Boss has closed captioning. Other shows, like say Hot in Cleveland, do not. I need closed captioning so I can watch while my toddler naps or sleeps at night & I will not wake him.

But today, today is a sad day. I have watched all the seasons of Cake Boss on Netflix (all four seasons:( Now, what will I do?

“Not” stalk the cast members on Facebook, perhaps?

Ralphie Boy on Cake Boss

Ralphie Boy on Cake Boss

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