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Finally revealed! My awesome Halloween costume!

Parts of this image may have been altered after photographamatation. If I owned PhotoShop, I would have made myself skinnier as well.

JEM from Jem & The Holograms!!!

(Why is it when I come up with a costume idea, I always forget I wear glasses and it will look uber-dorky wearing them? *sigh*)

Why am I wearing extra layers of clothing? Because it is Michigan and it is frickin’ freezing!

Also, see pictures of my ultra-creepy husband…

I begged him not to buy this mask. It is truly creepy. Actually, the mask isn’t. I think it is the fact that you can see his eyeballs and nothing else that makes it so creepy–the LACK of facial expression of any kind.

And my darling puppy…Oops, I mean boy;)

He was a super-good trooper all night and got lots of candy to show for it.

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