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I thought they would have found the missing boys by now

I had my son the day after Thanksgiving, 2010. We were in the hospital for four days. I felt like I was on a vacation for those four days. A vacation where they cut you open, remove a person, don’t let you sleep or leave the room. As you can guess, I lost touch with the outside world over that long weekend.

The missing Skelton boys

So when I got home, I was surprised to hear about this big story in the local news that was in full swing. A father had failed to return his three sons to their mother on the day after Thanksgiving in Morenci, Michigan. Pictures of the three boys angelic faces were plastered all over the news and businesses. The father gave some bull-shit story about giving them to some woman and that they were safe. Big groups of volunteers searched the rural farm country and woods near Morenci. My husband’s best friend was one of them. But not a trace was found. I was concerned for my husband, because he goes deer and turkey hunting in that area. I didn’t want him to be the one to discover their bodies in some secluded wooded spot. But he hasn’t gone hunting since my son was born. (My husband has been a little busy nurturing our offspring.)

Andrew Skelton

The police department has since declared the case a homicide investigation. In lieu of finding the bodies, the father was charged with kidnapping. I know cases can go unsolved indefinitely, but…I thought they would have found the missing boys by now. Whose “they”? Anyone. The police, a farmer, a concerned citizen. It is coming up on two years since they went missing. That is two spring plantings. That is almost two harvests. That is several hunting seasons. Floods. Drought. It seems like something should have unearthed them BY NOW! I can understand one body laying undiscovered, but three?

Alexander Skelton

I wanted to write about this case because it bothers me that it is still unsolved, as I’m positive it bothers the Skelton boys’ mother, family, and anyone who heard and remembers the news story. (Obviously it doesn’t bother the ass-hole dad who isn’t talking.) This story makes me feel all (to quote Phoebe Buffay) floopy inside. In a bad way. I believe it might be because it could have just been another news story to me. Except at a time when I was just bringing a life into the world and just beginning to learn to be a parent, all that was ripped away from someone else–threefold. So, read my blog, take a good look at their pictures. If you see anything suspicious with three kids that look like them, report it. If you have lots of land or unused outbuildings, give them a look. Especially if you live in Lenawee County, Michigan or nearby Fulton County, Ohio.

Tanner Skelton

Here is a link to the Facebook page dedicated to finding the boys: Missing ~ Skelton Brothers, Morenci, Michigan

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  1. I was wondering about these children myself this morning. I pray that they are being well taken care of and will be in contact with their mother soon. I have three children myself, and can’t imagine the horror of living each day wondering and waiting to see their precious faces and hear their beautiful voices. Thank you for creating this blog. I am from Saint Charles, Michigan, and I am always studying the faces in the crowd. God Bless you all.

  2. lazyhippiemama

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    I did not personally know these little boys, but they lived in the tiny town down the road from my tiny town and we all feel connected to them. I continue to hope against hope that they are safe “out there” somewhere. If you have any information at all (even if you’re not sure but think you MIGHT) please contact authorities right away!

  3. We had a case of a missing baby that a teen delivered by herself.My kids went to school with her and that baby was never found either.I think of it often and pray that little one is found for the sake of that family also.I hate when things like this happen.Thank you for creating this blog and making people remember.Blessings

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