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“Wrinkled Kidney” Never Sounded So Good!

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Just a quick update for anyone who actually reads my blog and is curious. In Tuesday’s blog “When leaving on vacation feels like going to the hospital”, I mentioned that my son had a follow up with his pediatric urologist on Wednesday.

And, wait for it…

We got GOOD NEWS!!! Where as our previous pediatric urologist only ever gave us bad news using his bad beside manner, the current pediatric urologist has only ever given us good news! He said my son’s left ureter seems to be working properly. His left kidney has shrunk from 3.8 to 2.5. I don’t know what unit of measure that is or how they can think that is reliable from an ultrasound, but I DON’T CARE! Good news is good news.

They said his kidney showed “wrinkling”. Think deflated balloon. Which is good, because that means it is no longer dialated (experiencing pressure stretching it out), which could do permanent damage. My son’s left kidney has been dialated since it was created, and he is 16 months old now. That is a long, scarey time. This is the news we have been waiting for since he was in utero! And now he can quit taking preventative antibiotics! Which he has been on most of his 16 months on this planet.

Next up is another ultrasound in 6 months. So happy! Ya!

We totally should have hugged the doctor. Heck, I should have kissed him. I did throw up my hands and yell “ya”.

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  1. lazyhippiemama

    Hooray for healthy peepee parts!!!!!!!! We are dancing for little M!

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